The iOS 12.1 update for iPhone XS, XS Max, and iPhone XR enabled the much awaited Dual SIM feature. However, carrier support is very limited for eSIM at this time. In the USA, eSIM won’t be available until later this year. But rest of the world is getting eSIM support starting today.

DU wireless carrier in the UAE is now giving out QR Codes for adding eSIM on the new iPhone devices. To convert your physical SIM from DU into an eSIM, you’ve to visit a DU store after updating your iPhone to iOS 12.1.

The Apple support page, however, doesn’t mention either UAE or DU on the list of wireless carriers that offer eSIM service.

Update: Virgin Mobile UAE now also supports eSIM in the UAE. You can convert your current physical eSIM into an eSIM or get a new one from Virgin Mobile by visiting their store.