iPhone XR

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How to turn off iPhone XR

How to turn off iPhone XR

If you’re upgrading to the iPhone XR from an iPhone 8 or earlier, you’d be surprised to know that Apple has changed the way you could turn off your iPhone. You can no longer just hold the sleep/wake key to get the “slide to power off” option...

Find the iPhone XR model number for your country

Find the iPhone XR model number for your country

The Apple iPhone XR is now available at all Apple stores world over. The device is selling like hot cakes for the fun of colors, notch, Face ID, and the powerful A12 Bionic chip on-board. Every iPhone ships with a different model number for different regions. The difference is mostly...

How to Force Restart iPhone XR

Time needed: 2 minutes. A forced restart can fix a lot of unusual problems on your iPhone XR. If Wifi isn’t working, or Bluetooth is not connecting, or your device is overheating, a quick restart of your iPhone could fix the problem. To restart an iPhone XR, you’ve...

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