FIX: Apex Legends “Connection to server timed out” issue

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A lot of Apex Legends users are reporting server connectivity issues when trying to play the game. The problem isn’t isolated to one platform as users from PC, Xbox One, and PS4 are all receiving a “Connection to server timed out” error when playing the game.

For most users, the server timeout error shows up right after the game loads up. But users have also reported issues such as game freezing up and then showing “Connection to server timed out” message, or getting the same server connectivity error after finishing a game.

EA has acknowledged the issue and is working on a fix, but if you can’t wait to play the game, we’ve compiled a list of fixes that various users over at the community forums have suggested to resolve the problem.


If you’re playing the game on a PC and getting server timeout error, then running both the game and Origin app with Administrator privileges might fix the problem. First run the Origin app as administrator, then open Apex Legends (game Shortcut) with admin rights too, and that should fix the server connectivity issue on Windows users.

FIX 2: USE A VPN / Change DNS

Many users have reportedly fixed the server connectivity issues with Apex Legends by simply using a VPN service. If EA’s servers have connectivity issues with your ISP, using a VPN service might resolve the issue temporarily. Be sure to use a good VPN server to ensure good latency in the game.

If you can’t use a VPN service, try setting the DNS server on your machine to Google’s Public DNS servers and On Xbox One and PS4, you can change DNS server from the WiFi settings menu.


If neither using Admin privileges or VPN/Google DNS is helping, you can try the good ‘ol restart trick to fix server timeout on Apex Legends. Restart both your machine (PC, Xbox One, or PS4) and your router. We wish you good luck!

If none of the above-mentioned tricks resolve the server issue with Apex Legends, it’s best to wait for an official fix from EA. Perhaps in forms of an update to the game or a server-side update on EA’s systems.


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