Many Apex Legends players on the PC are complaining of crashing issues in the game after installing the Season 1 update. According to the users, the game crashes without error and at random times during a match. This is nothing different from the crashes Apex Legends has been having since launch, but the launch of Season seems to have accelerated the rate at which crashes happen on affected machines.

We have been facing stuttering issues ourselves after the update, and it bothers, but crashing is pure evil. It destroys the game for you and your squad mates when you suddenly disconnect from a match.

While Respawn is working on a fix, expert users in the community have been quick at suggesting a fix for the PCs that are repeatedly crashing the game. Apparently, setting a maximum cap on the FPS has helped many players with crashing issues in Apex Legends.

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How to fix Apex Legends crashing after Season 1 update

  1. Open Origin on your PC.
  2. Go to My Game Library from the left panel.
  3. Right-click on Apex Legends and select Game properties from the context menu.
  4. Now select Advanced Launch Options tab, then put +fps_max 80 in the Command line arguments field.
  5. Hit the Save button.

That’s it. Launch the game after setting the maximum 80 FPS to see if it fixes the problem on your PC. If it doesn’t, we suggest you set an even lower “+fps_max 60” setting which is ideal for most of the mid-end PC setups.

Happy Gaming!