Microsoft Teams is widely popular, especially with organizations and schools, as a Workstream Collaboration app. It is probably one of the best apps for collaboration and communication out there. But, sadly, not everything’s always rainbows and cupcakes in the realm of Microsoft Teams.

Many users have reported facing the “You’re missing out! Ask your admin to enable Microsoft Teams” issue. It locks you out of your Microsoft Teams account, and you’re unable to use Teams for anything.

The error locks you out of your account quite literally.

That is a major inconvenience since a lot of work – meetings and communication – involve using Microsoft Teams. But there’s nothing to fret about yet. There are a few things that’ll fix the situation for you in no time.

Clear the Cache

If you’re facing the issue on the Microsoft Teams desktop app, try logging into your account on the web app too. If you can log in, the trouble is with the desktop app and not the account. And the best solution is to clear your local cache for the desktop app.

To clear the cache for Microsoft Teams in Windows, first quit the app completely. Go to the system tray and right-click the icon for Microsoft Teams. Then select ‘Quit’ from the menu. Another way to completely quit the app is from the Task Manager.

Now, open File Explorer on your PC. You can use the keyboard shortcut ‘Windows Logo Key + E’ to open it. Type or copy/ paste the location %appdata%\Microsoft\teams in Quick Acess bar and press the Enter key.

The folder for the specified location will open. Delete all files from the following folders on this location.

  • ‘Cache’ folder in the ‘Application Cache’ Folder
  • Blob_storage
  • Cache
  • Databases
  • GPUCache
  • IndexedDB
  • Local Storage
  • tmp

Restart Microsoft Teams and try logging in with your account to see if the problem was resolved.

Ask your Admin to Enable Microsoft Teams

If you can’t open your account in either the web app or the desktop app or the above fix for just the desktop app didn’t help, then it’s time to contact the admin for your organization. The issue also literally asks you to try it. This fix is for internal users of the organization. If you don’t have admin access to your organization’s Microsoft 365, you’ll need to ask users with admin access to do this for you.

If you do have admin access, go to Microsoft 365 admin center and login with your admin account. Then, click on the option ‘Users’ on the navigation menu on the left.

Few options will expand underneath it. Click on ‘Active users’.

The list of all the users you have added to the organization will open. Go to the user’s name and click on it.

A window will pop-up from the right side of the screen. Go to the ‘Licenses and Apps’ tab.

Go to the ‘Apps’ option to expand it.

Then, select the checkbox for Microsoft Teams. After selecting Microsoft Teams, it might or might not start working instantly. If it does, good for you. But if it doesn’t, you should wait for a few hours as Microsoft Office does have a bit of a reputation for taking hours to reflect the changes.

If it was already on, try a hard reset. Turn the button for Microsoft Teams off, wait for an hour, and turn it on again.

Re-Add you to Microsoft 365

If the above option didn’t work, ask the admin to remove you from the user list in Microsoft 365, wait for a couple of hours, and then re-add you to the user list. After re-adding you to the user list, check whether Microsoft Teams started working or not.

Microsoft Teams not working can be a huge inconvenience and bring your whole workday to a halt. But you are not alone in facing this issue. Countless others have been in the same position as you, and they found refuge among one of these fixes. It’s bound to be of help to you too.