Google Chrome’s new update has created quite a chaos in the community. With Chrome’s update, Google Docs suddenly started showing some rather peculiar behavior.

One of the main issues in Google Docs that has rendered the app unusable is the trouble with the cursor. The cursor gets stuck at the start of the line (leftmost corner). This makes it virtually impossible to get any work done. But it isn’t the only problem plaguing people.

Some other issues have also reared their head – routine copy/ paste operations don’t work, text alignment is all kinds of awry, text does not wrap to the new line, to name a few.

Google Docs has been one of the most persistent forces in the lives of people lately, especially teachers and students who use it for remote classroom assignments. If you’re facing even any one of these issues, it’s enough to ruin your day. But throw in the lot of them, and it’s a mayhem.

Restarting Chrome helps, but not for long, and not always. All the standard textbook solutions like reloading Google Docs or restarting the PC don’t help either. But there’s no need to pull out your hair just yet.

Disable AdBlock on Google Docs Website

Fortunately, there’s a simple fix for the Google Docs cursor problem. All you need to do to regain your sanity is disable AdBlock for the Google Docs site. You don’t even have to completely disable AdBlock, just for Google Docs. And it works like a charm. Your documents will be fixed immediately.

To disable AdBlock on Google Docs, open Google Docs. Then go to the ‘Extensions’ icon on the right of the Chrome address bar and click on it.

Now, click the ‘Pin’ icon next to ‘AdBlock’.

The icon for AdBlock will appear on the address bar; click it. Then, under ‘Pause on this site’, select ‘Always’.

Google Docs will reload with AdBlock disabled, and it should solve all issues.

Now, this could be just a temporary solution, as for some people, enabling AdBlock after Google Docs starts working fine once doesn’t create problems again. So, it isn’t clear whether it’s really a bug with Google Docs that’s making everything go haywire, or the new Chrome update has somehow messed things up with AdBlock.

Whatever the cause, this simple fix will save the day for you until one of the involved parties fixes the problem on their end.