Although iOS 11.4 is aimed to be a performance update, it’s still causing trouble to iPhone and iPad users who installed the update. Several users have reported issues with WiFi performance on their iPhone after installing the iOS 11.4 update.

We previously reported a WiFi problem on iOS 11.4 where a user wasn’t able to connect to WiFi for more than a 10 minutes. While that was a weird problem, another user over at Reddit has posted one more iOS 11.4 WiFi problem where the phone keeps forgetting WiFi network and repeatedly says incorrect password even when the password is right.

How to fix incorrect password issue for WiFi on iOS 11.4

  • Make sure the WiFi strength is good. If you have got a weak WiFi signal on your iPhone, it’s most likely the cause of the Incorrect password error as your device isn’t able to communicate with the WiFi router.
  • Restart your WiFi router. Do this, it often fixes such issues.

The incorrect WiFi password issue isn’t mainly an iOS 11.4 problem. iOS users have reported this issue on previous iOS versions as well. But if you’re having this WiFi problem after updating iOS 11.4 only, the fixes above should help.