The iOS 11.4.1 update which was expected to fix the problems users have been facing with iOS 11.4, was eagerly awaited. However, the 11.4.1 update did more harm than good.

The iOS 11.4 battery drain problem which affected many iPhone and iPad users, continues to spread even after iOS 11.4.1 released. And like any other iOS update, the 11.4.1 release also comes with its own set of problems. Check them out below:

The issues mentioned above are just a few of the reasons why iOS 11.4.2 update is VERY much needed at the moment.

iOS 11.4.2 Release Date

The iOS 11.4.2 update will likely release as a Developer Beta first and then for the public once it’s tested for stability. Apple hasn’t commented on the availability of iOS 11.4.2, whether it will release or not, is not known either.

The iOS 12 update which is currently available as a beta will be released to the public in September alongside the 2018 iPhone models. We expect the iOS 11.4.2 update to release before that happens.

Given the magnitude of problems users are facing on the iOS 11.4.1 update, it’s likely that Apple will release the 11.4.2 update very soon.

We expect iOS 11.4.2 to release by the second week of August. The update will be released as a developer beta first for which users need a developer account with Apple. But fret not! We’ll be sure to post the iOS 11.4.2 Beta IPSW firmware files once Apple releases the beta. Stay tuned!