Unable to activate your brand new iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max from Verizon? You’re not alone. A handful of Verizon users are reporting this issue where the iPhone XS wouldn’t activate and throw the error “Verizon was not able to verify your identity.”

The error occurs right after you’re asked to enter the Billing ZIP code and your account PIN or the four digits of your Social Security Number during set up. Even if you’re entering your details correctly, you might get the verification failed error. Why? Because you’re not entering the exact details used when you pre-ordered your iPhone XS.

To fix the problem, use the ZIP code and PIN that you used at the time of pre-ordering the iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max. You’ve to use the exact same details to verify your identity and activate the new iPhone.

If need help setting up your new iPhone, we’ve a detailed guide to help you through every step. Check it out at the link below:

How to Set up iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max