Setting up WiFi on an iPhone is usually the easiest thing to do, but we would be lying if we said WiFi works better on iPhone devices. As a matter of fact, WiFi on my iPhone X has never been better than any of the Android smartphones I own. And the new iPhone XS and XS Max are no exception.

The new iPhones have only launched today, and community forums are already receiving user complaints about WiFi not working on the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

To fix WiFi problem on your iPhone XS, follow the tips shared below:

  • Restart your iPhone XS

    The simplest thing you can do to fix WiFi on your iPhone XS and XS Max is to force restart the devices. Restarting is the most effective trick to fix network related issues on an iPhone, including a patchy WiFi connection.

  • Forget WiFi network, and connect again

    If restarting doesn’t fix the problem, consider resetting the WiFi connection by going to Settings » WiFi » [WiFi Network name] » tap Forget This Network. Then connect to the network again and see if it fixes the problem.

  • Set DNS server to manual

    This is slightly advanced, but changing the DNS server to Google DNS or Cloudflare DNS can profoundly improve the internet connectivity while connected to a WiFi network.

    To add Google DNS server on your iPhone, do the following:
    – Go to Settings » WiFi » [WiFi Network name]
    – Tap Configure DNS » select Manual
    – Tap Add Server, and input
    – Touch Add Server again, and input
    – Hit the Save button on the top-right corner.

    If you’d like to configure with Cloudflare DNS instead, use and IP addresses when you Add a DNS server.

  • Restart WiFi Router

    If even setting the DNS server o manual did not fix the WiFi problem on your iPhone XS, then the issue might be with your WiFi router. Consider powering it On/Off to refresh the connection.

  • Connect to a 5GHz WiFi network

    Most modern WiFi routers are dual bands supported. If your WiFi router broadcasts a 5GHz network, and it falls in range, consider connecting to the 5GHz network as it’ll tremendously improve WiFi performance on your iPhone XS and XS Max.

  • Reset Network Settings

    If nothing works, you can also try resetting network settings on your iPhone by going to Settings » General » Reset » and select Reset Network Settings.

That’s all.