Nothing can’t be more disappointing than seeing your $999 iPhone make crackling sounds from the earpiece. The iPhone XS and XS Max should have no such cheap issues, but if you’re experiencing it anyway, here are some tips.

Poor cellular network reception

The crackling voice on your iPhone XS while on a call might be because of the poor cellular reception in the area. Check the network bars in the top-right corner of the screen, or head out in open sky and try to make a call again to see if the voice gets clear.

Water inside earpiece?

If you recently took your iPhone XS into a pool, or headed out with it in the rain, or washed it under a tap, the chances are likely that the crackling sound you hear on your iPhone XS is because of water inside the earpiece.

If water is the reason, you do not need to worry. Give it a few hours and the earpiece will recover on its own. However, if you feel like fixing it right away, take a hair dryer and blow it right in the face of the earpiece for a few seconds. It’ll dry the water, and you’ll have clear voice coming in from the earpiece again.

Lower the earpiece volume

It’s like Steve Jobs believed. iPhones are built perfectly. If you see a problem, maybe you’re not using it right.

Jokes apart, if you turn down the in-call volume, the crackling voice might go away, and you’ll have a good conversation on the call.

Report to Apple

If the crackling voice from earpiece on your iPhone XS or XS Max is persistent, and not relatable to the above-mentioned points, it’s best to take your iPhone to the Apple customer care for a checkup.