A prequel to Shyamalan’s previous two installments — Unbreakable (2000) and Split (2016) from the Unbreakable Trilogy, Glass is an American superhero thriller flick released on January 18, 2019.

Starring Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, Spencer Treat Clark, and Charlayne Woodard, who are reprising their original roles, the star-studded film was one of the most-awaited movies of the year. So for those who are not ready to visit the theaters yet, we would like to disclose if this commercially successful blockbuster is releasing on Netflix anytime soon.

Glass was distributed by Universal in the US and hence, its chances of being aired on Netflix are somewhat remote. Since Universal is a subsidiary of NBCUniversal, which holds a considerable stake in Hulu, Glass will first premiere on Hulu, if and before releasing on Netflix

Netflix UK is now streaming Split from the Eastrail 177 Trilogy. However, glass will first be aired on Now TV and Sky before being aired on Netflix.

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