Even though Apex Legends doesn’t support Linux based operating systems, users have been able to play the game on their Ubuntu machines using Wine. But unfortunately, with a recent update to the game, EA seems to have completely blocked out Linux users from playing Apex Legends through the Easy Anti-Cheat engine.

Apex Legends received a mandatory update last week to version 3.0.0.J1557, and since installing this update, users on Ubuntu are receiving the following error message when launching the game.

The client is not running the anti-cheat, or has failed the anti-cheat authentication: EAC sandbox not active (dummy client).

EA is keeping a mum on the topic and haven’t replied to any of the comments made by Linux users on the community forums about the issue. Of course, EA has no obligation to help Linux users run Apex Legends but this is something other game manufacturers have been actively looking out for. Both Steam and Blizzard hand out help to users when a game is not running properly on a Linux machine even when it’s unsupported.

The Linux community, including the devs at Wine, cannot help the issue since EA is blocking out Apex Legends on Linux on grounds of Easy Anti-Cheat engine’s policy. Tinkering with EAC will only make the situation worse, as it prevents the game from being used with cheats by hackers.

That said, we still have hope that EA will find a way to keep the game running on Linux machines while not compromising the game’s security features such as Easy Anit-Cheat engine.