iMessage definitely comes under one of the many exclusive perks of getting an iPhone. And if you were the one person ruining your group chats with the green bubbles, we bet you can’t wait to get on board the iMessage train finally.

Activating iMessage with your phone number is relatively easy and convenient. But you do need to make sure a few things are in order before you activate it. Otherwise, you might get an “error” or “activation unsuccessful” message.

Pre-requisites for Activating iMessage with Phone Number

First of all, you need an activated SIM card for the number you want to use with iMessage on the phone. Unlike some other instant messaging apps, iMessage doesn’t work with a number the SIM card for which is not installed on your iPhone.

Then, you should either have enough credits or the capability to send a text message from your phone. As iMessage sends a message to Apple’s servers, extra charges for a standard message may apply depending on your carrier. So, it’s advisable to make sure beforehand that you can send an SMS from your number.

Lastly, you should also have an active Wi-Fi or cellular network as the process will require internet access.

Activating iMessage with Phone Number

Open your iPhone settings and go to ‘Messages’.

Then, turn on the toggle for ‘iMessage’. A confirmation message will pop up saying that your carrier may charge for an SMS message. Click ‘OK’ to proceed.

It might take some time for it to activate.

Then, tap ‘Send and Receive’.

If you see the option for ‘Use your Apple ID for iMessage’, tap it and sign in to your Apple ID to use it.

Then, make sure that under the ‘You can Receive iMessages’ section, your phone number is selected along with your Apple ID.

Now, you can send as well as receive iMessages to and from your phone number.

iMessage makes it really easy to communicate with other Apple users, and you can use it from any of your Apple devices. But to use it on your iPhone with your phone number, you first need to activate it correctly so it doesn’t show an error. With this guide, you can do precisely that.