Mute Messages

How to Mute iMessage on Mac

Annoyed by the constant chimes of iMessages coming in? Learn how to mute iMessage on your Mac and work in peace.

Notification Icon

How to Turn Off iMessage on Mac

Not able to get work done because of constant message notifications? Quickly turn off iMessage on your Mac to keep your productivity mode going.

Schedule Message

How to Schedule a Text Message on iPhone

Schedule important messages ahead of time to avoid any goof-ups

Chat thread mobile

All iMessage Effects Words that You Should Know

Use these phrases and words to make your iMessage wishes explode!

Chat Reply

How to Auto Reply in iMessage on iPhone

Let others know you’re busy and can’t get back to them when they send you an iMessage

Activation error

How to Fix “An error occurred during activation” Issue in iMessage and FaceTime on iPhone

All the fixes you could try to rid yourself of this nasty error.

Mobile screenshot

Does iMessage Notify when Someone takes a Screenshot?

There’s no such thing as screenshot alerts for iMessage, yet.

Chat thread mobile

How to Make iMessage Dark Blue

Transform the look of your iMessages completely with this hack.


How to Mark iMessage as Unread

You cannot mark messages as unread in the Messages app on iPhone. But you can do this instead.

Message Contact Name

Why Do iMessages Turn Green

A straightforward answer to this age-old question


iMessage Not Saying ‘Delivered’? Here’s Why

One of the perks of shifting from traditional messaging to instant messaging services, like iMessage, is saying goodbye to uncertainties….

Messages iPhone

How to Activate iMessage with Phone Number

Use iMessage with your phone number, and not just your Apple ID


How to Make Your Messages say iMessage in Notifications on iPhone

Keep your messages private and don’t spill any unnecessary tea!

Video message

How Long Can a Video be to Send on iMessage?

There are certain restrictions that come with sending videos on iMessage.

Message blocked

How to Know if You Got Blocked on iMessage

Tips that’ll help you suss out whether you have been blocked.


How to Play Gomoku on iMessage

The perfect game for people who prefer a stimulating game to a mindless one any day.

Group chat messages

How Many People Can Be in an iMessage Group Chat

The iMessage group chat is different from other group chats in the sense that it includes only iMessage users. One…

iPhone iMessage Firework

How to Send Fireworks in iMessage

The iMessage is an instant messaging service by Apple exclusively for its devices. It’s a popular app used by millions…

Mobile game

How to Play Tanks on iMessage

Apple comes with some impressive features every couple of weeks, which is why it’s one of the most popular brands…


How to Check FaceTime Call Duration

There is only way to check your call duration for FaceTime video calls, and you might not like it.