iMessage Firework

How to Send Fireworks in iMessage

Learn to send fireworks in iMessage and make your messages feel more expressive than ever!

Flight Tracker

How to Use Flight Tracker in iMessage

This in-built flight tracker in iPhone will change the way you track your flights forever!

Text Message

How to Change from Text Message to iMessage

Don’t fret if your iMessage is stuck on text messages, try these fixes!

Chat thread

How to Text Yourself in iMessage on iPhone

Save your grocery lists or any information you want in a chat thread with yourself.


How to Send Confetti in iMessage

Show your love with showers of confetti and never send boring wishes in iMessage ever again!

Mute Messages

How to Turn Off iMessage for One Person

Unfortunately, you cannot turn off iMessage for one person but you can do other things instead.

Message Error

How to Sign Out or Sign Back Into iMessage on iPhone

Sign out or sign back into iMessage in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

Poll mobile

How to Create a Poll in iMessage on iPhone

Easily decide things in group chats with fun, interactive polls.

Cup Pong

How to Play Cup Pong in iMessage on iPhone

Challenge your friends for a game of Cup Pong in iMessage.

Shuffleboard Game

How to Play Shuffleboard in iMessage on iPhone

Learn how to play Shuffleboard on iMessage and experience the nostalgia and fun digitally.

8 Ball Pool Game

How to Play 8 Ball Pool on iMessage

Everything you need to know about playing 8 Ball Pool on iMessage with your friends on iPhone.

Mac iMessage

How to Turn Off iMessage Notifications on Mac

Easy ways to turn off or manage iMessage notifications on your Mac so you can work better and bump up your productivity.

Message Error

How to Fix it when iMessage is Not Working on iPhone

Get rid of this annoying problem in no time with these easy fixes

Message Error

How to Fix iMessage is Signed Out Error on iPhone

Some tips that’ll fix this pesky error in no time.

Battleship Boat

How to Play Sea Battle on iMessage

Enjoy arcade gaming fun on iMessage with Sea Battle game for iMessage.

Mute Messages

How to Mute iMessage on Mac

Annoyed by the constant chimes of iMessages coming in? Learn how to mute iMessage on your Mac and work in peace.

Notification Icon

How to Turn Off iMessage on Mac

Not able to get work done because of constant message notifications? Quickly turn off iMessage on your Mac to keep your productivity mode going.

Schedule Message

How to Schedule a Text Message on iPhone

Schedule important messages ahead of time to avoid any goof-ups

Chat thread mobile

All iMessage Effects Words that You Should Know

Use these phrases and words to make your iMessage wishes explode!

Chat Reply

How to Auto Reply in iMessage on iPhone

Let others know you’re busy and can’t get back to them when they send you an iMessage

Activation error

How to Fix “An error occurred during activation” Issue in iMessage and FaceTime on iPhone

All the fixes you could try to rid yourself of this nasty error.

Mobile screenshot

Does iMessage Notify when Someone takes a Screenshot?

There’s no such thing as screenshot alerts for iMessage, yet.

Chat thread mobile

How to Make iMessage Dark Blue

Transform the look of your iMessages completely with this hack.