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With watchOS 10, you can add, remove, and pin widgets to personalize your Apple Watch experience. To add a widget, go to the widget screen, tap and long-press a widget, then tap the '+' icon to choose from a variety of widgets. To pin a widget, enter the editing mode and tap the 'Yellow Pin' icon. To remove a widget, tap and hold it, then tap the 'red (-) icon'. Enjoy customizing your Apple Watch with watchOS 10!

In the digital world, change is the only constant, and Apple has given us a bucketful of change with the release of WatchOS 10! Widgets have finally paved the way onto our wrists with the new OS, and they're an exciting prospect.

Being called Smart Stacks, they are going to change how you consume information on your Apple Watch. With their arrival, there's also been another significant change to Apple Watch: how you access the Control Center. But that's the matter for another guide (linked below). For now, let's focus on how widgets will work on Apple Watch with watchOS 10.

How to Open Control Center on Apple Watch with WatchOS 10
Opening Control Center on Apple Watch just became more intuitive!

How Will Widgets Work in Apple Watch?

With Widgets, you can enjoy Watch Faces like Portraits but still get easy access to information. Widgets are perfect even for Watch Faces that can show complications; there are times when you want information from other apps but don't want to give up the complications we already do have.

Widgets will appear as a Smart Stack on Apple Watch. With Smart Stacks, Apple Watch uses machine learning to show you relevant information when you need it throughout the day. So, for instance, if it's time for a meeting, the calendar widget will surface at the top of the stack. But if you have a timer going on, it will take the top spot.

You can also add more widgets to the stack, remove them, or even pin some so they always remain at the top.

Adding New Widgets on Apple Watch

Some widgets will appear automatically when you use watchOS 14 for the first time. But you can add new widgets with just as much ease.

To add a new widget, go to the widget screen. You can access the widgets by either swiping up from the bottom of the screen or by turning the digital crown upward.

Then tap and long-press a widget. The widget editing mode will open.

Now tap on the '+' icon on the screen.

You'll see a buffet of widgets you can add. Choose the one you want to add.

Now, for some apps, there might be a choice of widgets, while for others, there will be only one widget. Tap on the one you want to add (even if there is only a single widget), and voila! It will appear in the Smart Stack.

There's also a widget with complications that shows up to 3 complications. You can also edit which complications should appear on this widget. Tap the 'Remove (red -)' icon on a complication you want to remove to make a place for another.

Then, tap the '+' icon.

Choose which complication you want to add from the list.

Tap 'Done' to close the editing mode.

Pinning a Widget

If you don't want a particular widget to go down the order in the Stack, you'll need to pin it so it always stays in place.

Open the widgets on your Apple Watch and enter the editing mode. Then, tap the 'Yellow Pin' icon on the upper-right corner of the widget you want to pin.

The widgets that are part of the Smart Stack cannot be arranged; they'll go up and down at the whims of the OS. However, the widgets that have been pinned can be rearranged.

After pinning the widgets, tap and hold the widget and move it up or down to place it above or below another pinned widget.

Removing a Widget on Apple Watch

You can also remove any widgets from the Smart Stack, regardless of whether you added them or they were already present. Open Widgets on your Apple Watch and tap and hold a Widget.

Then, tap the 'red (-) icon' on the upper-right corner of the widget to remove it.

You cannot delete pinned widgets without first unpinning them. In the edit mode, tap the 'Unpin' icon on the top-right corner of the widget.

Once it has been unpinned, it'll move beneath other pinned widgets, and the red delete icon will reappear. Tap 'Done' after removing the widget.

So there you have it, folks! That's how you can pin, add or remove widgets on your Apple Watch with watchOS 10.