The Mail app on your iPhone has received some great improvements with the arrival of iOS 13. One of our favorite new feature is the ability to block emails from a contact and move the messages directly to the trash folder.

Blocking a sender in the Mail app from your iPhone works across all Apple devices. If you block emails from a contact on your iPhone, it’ll be blocked on iPad as well as your Mac as long as you’re using the Apple Mail app.

To block emails from a sender on your iPhone, open the “Mail” app and then tap the conversation from the sender/contact that you wish to block.

Select a conversation in the Mail app from the contact/sender you wish to block

Tap the sender’s name at the top of the mail to expand view, and then tap its contact link next to the “From:” field in the expanded view.

Tap the sender name in Mail app on iPhone

Once the sender’s contact card shows up on the screen, tap the “Block this Contact” option. If you get a confirmation pop-up, tap “Block this Contact” again in the pop-up.

Tap “Block this Contact” to block future mails from the sender

That’s it. All emails from the contact that you blocked will now automatically move to the trash folder in your inbox.