The Microsoft Store makes use of your region settings on your computer to provide you with a more personalized experience. The Microsoft store uses your region settings to provide you with apps or payment methods that might only be available in your country. Therefore it is important to have the proper region settings selected to have the best experience with Microsoft Store.

On the other hand, some apps or games might not be available in your country due to the regional content filters. If you want to download those apps then you have to change your Microsoft Store region. You might also need to change your Microsoft Store region if you are traveling from one place to another. Whatever the need may be, this guide will show you how you can switch your Microsoft Store country in a few minutes.

Change Country or Region in Windows Settings

In order to change the country in Microsoft Store, you need to go to the Language and region settings. First, launch the Settings menu by searching for it in the Start Menu search or by pressing Windows+i on your keyboard.

To get to the region settings, click on ‘Time & language’ from the left panel and select ‘Language & region’ from the right panel.

Now, if you scroll down, under the Region section you will see a setting labeled as Country or region with a drop-down menu. The menu contains a list of all available store regions.

Click on that drop-down menu and select the new country region from the list.

After you have changed the region the Microsoft Store will refresh itself and you can confirm the region change by looking at the currency that is being shown for paid apps. You can see here that it has been changed to USD.

Note: When you change your Microsoft Store region some payment methods might not be available anymore and you will no longer pay with your local currency. This does not apply to free applications.

This is how you change Microsoft Store country on your Windows 11 PC.