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How to Change your Name in a Zoom Meeting

Zoom uses the full name set in your account for all meetings that you create or join. And while it’s ideal to have your full name displayed in work-related meetings, you might want to use your nickname when on a group meeting with your friends or family. Or, just your first name when attending a webinar with many unknown participants.


In either case, it’s possible to change your name in an ongoing Zoom meeting. Click on the ‘Manage Participants’ button on the host controls bar at the bottom of the screen.

A ‘Participants’ panel will open on the right side of the meeting window. Hover the mouse cursor over your name in the participants list and click on the to get the ‘More’ option.

Select the ‘Rename’ option from the expanded menu.


Now set a different name on the ‘Rename’ pop-up window. You can use your first name only, or your nickname, or something different if you don’t want to be recognized at all in the meeting room. Click the ‘OK’ button after setting a new name.

Your new name will be instantly applied. But know that it’ll be set for this particular Zoom meeting only. Other Zoom meetings that you host or join will continue to use your full name set in your Zoom account preferences.