Sticky Notes in Windows 11 is a digital version of the paper sticky notes we're all familiar with. They're an incredibly useful tool for jotting down tasks, reminders, or anything else you need to remember. Here's a quick guide on how to create and use Sticky Notes in Windows 11, ensuring you never forget an important task again.

Opening Sticky Notes

Press Win + S to open the Windows search bar, type 'Sticky Notes,' and hit Enter. The Sticky Notes app will open on your Windows 11 PC.

Creating a New Sticky Note

Once you've opened Sticky Notes:

  1. Click on the + (plus sign) at the top left corner of the Sticky Notes app or press the Ctrl + N keyboard shortcut to create a new note. A Post-It leaf will simultaneously appear next to the Sticky Notes window.
  1. Click inside the note and start typing whatever you need to remember or track.
  2. This note will stick on your desktop until closed. If you restart your computer, the note will go away but re-opening the Sticky Notes app will bring back the note.

Customizing Your Sticky Notes

Setting a custom color for your note

  1. To change the color of your sticky note, first, click on the three-dot 'Menu button at the top right corner of the notes box.
  1. A panel of seven colors will show at the top portion of the menu. Click the color you’d like to change your notes to, and it will change in an instant!

Text formatting options

You can format the text in your Sticky Notes to make it more readable and visually appealing. To do this, use the following keyboard shortcuts:

Formatting OptionKeyboard Shortcut
Apply or remove bold formatting from the selected text.Ctrl+B
Apply or remove italic formatting from the selected text.Ctrl+I
Apply or remove the underline from the selected text.Ctrl+U
Apply or remove bulleted list formatting from the selected paragraph.Ctrl+Shift+L
Apply or remove strikethrough from the selected text.Ctrl+T

Here are some examples of how you can use these keyboard shortcuts to format your Sticky Notes:

  • To bold the title of a note, select the title text and press Ctrl+B.
  • To italicize a quote in a note, select the quote text and press Ctrl+I.
  • To underline a link in a note, select the link text and press Ctrl+U.
  • To create a bulleted list in a note, place the cursor at the beginning of the first item in the list and press Ctrl+Shift+L. Then, type the first item in the list and press Enter. Repeat this process for each item in the list.
  • To strikethrough completed tasks in a to-do list, select the completed task text and press Ctrl+T.

You can also use the formatting options in the Sticky Notes toolbar to format your text. To do this, click on the respective formatting options at the bottom of the note.

Adding images to sticky notes

  1. Click on the image icon at the bottom of the note to add pictures to your notes, making them more informative or lively.
  1. You can now choose the image you want to add to your note, from your system. Select the image and then click 'Open'.
  1. The selected image will now appear on your note. You can expand, shrink, and manipulate the size of the image and the content on the note by changing the overall size of the note box itself.
  1. If you’ve completely shrunk the note to just about three words, then the image will not be visible. But you can view it through the ‘View Images’ button.
  1. When you add multiple images into the same note, they will appear as a series. Double-clicking an image will open it behind the note. So, to view the image properly, right-click the photo you want to view and select ‘View Image’ from the pop-up.
  1. You can also save the image to your device or remove/delete it from the note in this pop-up menu itself.

Managing Sticky Notes

Delete Notes

To delete a note, click on the Menu button (three-dot) at the top-right corner of the note and select the 'Delete note' option from the menu. Or simply use the Ctrl+W keyboard shortcut to delete the note currently in view.

Find Notes

If you have multiple notes and need to find a specific one:

  1. Click on the three-dot 'Menu' button on any note and select the 'Notes list' option from the menu. Or use the Ctrl + H keyboard shortcut.
  1. The 'Sticky Notes' main app window will show on the screen along with a list of all your notes.
  1. When in the notes list, you can click on the search box or press Ctrl+F to initiate a search across your sticky notes, making it easy to find specific information.
  2. If you have several notes open, you can cycle forward through them by pressing Ctrl+Tab or cycle backward using Ctrl+Shift+Tab. This makes it easy to review all your notes without reaching for your mouse.

Resize and Move

Click and drag the edges of a sticky note to resize it. You can move a note by clicking and dragging the top bar.


Syncing Sticky Notes Across Devices

If you're signed in with a Microsoft account:

Enable Syncing. Click on the settings gear icon in the Sticky Notes main window and sign in with your Microsoft account to sync your notes across devices.

Once synced, you will be able to access your Sticky Notes on any Windows device where you're signed in with the same Microsoft account.

Tips for Using Sticky Notes Effectively

  • Shortcuts. Learn useful keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl + N for a new note and Ctrl + D to delete the note you're currently viewing.
  • Organization. Use different colors to categorize your notes by topic, urgency, or any other system that helps you stay organized.
  • Integration. Take advantage of Sticky Notes' integration with other Microsoft apps and services for a more cohesive productivity experience. For example, you can create sticky notes directly from Microsoft Outlook as well.

By following this guide, you should now be able to create, use, and manage Sticky Notes in Windows 11 with ease. Whether it's for work or personal reminders, Sticky Notes is a simple yet powerful tool to keep your thoughts organized and accessible.