Sticky Notes are digital Post-its that help in making quick notes. In place of a physical booklet of sticky leaves of paper, this application will store notes, reminders, “things to do”, any little but vital piece of important information.

You can have as many sticky notes as possible and even extend a single note to a certain extent. Sticky Notes are super helpful to organize your work better and to get your thoughts and ideas together in one place.

How to Open Sticky Notes in Windows 11

Open Windows Search by clicking the ‘Search’ button in the taskbar and type ‘Sticky Notes’ in the search bar. Then, click on the app name from search results or click on ‘Open’ on the right side of the search results to launch the Sticky Notes app.

A vertically rectangular Sticky Notes window will open. This little window can be moved across the screen into the most convenient space by holding and dragging the top portion of the box. Dragging the box to the upper edge of your Windows screen will blow the box into a full-screen Sticky Notes display if you have snap layouts enabled in Windows 11.

How to Create Sticky Notes on Windows 11

To create a Sticky Note in Windows 11, first launch the app, and then click on the ‘+’ icon at the top-left corner of the app’s window (above the Sticky Notes title).

Upon clicking the ‘+’ button in the sticky notes window, a shorter colored sticky note that looks a lot like a Post-It leaf will simultaneously appear next to the Sticky Notes window. This is where you can type your note. At the lower half of the note’s box is a line of tools (Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikethrough, Toggle Bullet points, and Add Image), that you can use to improvise the content you’re adding in the sticky note.

The information added in the sticky note along with the note’s color code will reflect on the main Sticky Notes app windows as well.

Adding Images in Sticky Notes

From the bottom row of tools on the note box, click on the last tool, the one that’s shown with a pair of mountains. This is the ‘Add Image’ option.

You can now choose the image you want to add to your note, from your system. Select the image and then click ‘Open’.

The selected image will now appear on your note. You can expand, shrink, and manipulate the size of the image and the content on the note by changing the overall size of the note box itself.

If you’ve completely shrunk the note to just about three words, then the image will not be visible. But you can view it through the ‘View Images’ button.

When you add multiple images into the same note, they will appear as a series. Double-clicking an image will open it behind the note. So, to view the image properly, right-click the photo you want to view and select ‘View Image’ from the pop-up.

You can also save the image to your device or remove/delete it from the note in this pop-up menu itself.

Changing Sticky Notes Color

To change the color of your sticky note, first, click on the three-dots ‘Menu’ button at the top right corner of the notes box.

A panel of seven colors will show at the top portion of the menu. Click the color you’d like to change your notes to and it will change in an instant!

Changing Sticky Notes Theme/Color to Light or Dark Mode

The color of the sticky notes app’s main page can be changed too, but only between ‘Light’ and ‘Dark’ themes, in addition to your Windows default mode. For this, begin by clicking the ‘Settings’ option or the ‘Gear’ icon shown on the top right corner of the notes list.

In the Sticky Notes settings, there’s a section called ‘Colour’. Here, you can choose the color or theme you wish to view your Sticky Notes in.

Opening Multiple Sticky Notes

On the top left corner of the notes box is another ‘+’ button (it’s the same button with the same function as on the sticky notes box). Click this button to open another note instantly. The moment you do this, another note box will open, and it will be added to the list of Sticky Notes app main page too.

Only the notes box you click to write in will light up with features while the other box(es) will be devoid of those features but have the written content intact, visible, and accessible. You can change the color of each note.

Deleting a Sticky Note

There are two ways to delete sticky notes. You can directly delete a note that you’re taking down at the moment or you can choose the note you wish to delete from the list of notes on the main Sticky Notes page. We’ll look into the latter first.

Choose the note you want to delete from your Sticky Notes and place the cursor on it. This will bring a three-dotted menu button, at the top right corner of the note to the surface. Click it. Two options will appear in the pop-up menu. Click the ‘Delete Note’ option to delete the selected note.

You will receive a confirmation prompt. Hit ‘Delete’ to complete the deletion process for the chosen note. If you don’t want to see this prompt again, click the box in front of ‘Don’t ask me again’. Now, you will not see the prompt and notes will delete immediately.

If you’re in the process of writing a note, but then realize the redundancy of it, you can directly delete the note from this sticky note itself too.

Click on the Menu button (three-dots) at the top-right corner of the note.

Click on the ‘Delete note’ option below the palette of notes colors and the ‘Notes List’ label.

If you get a confirmation prompt, click on ‘Delete’ to permanently delete the note.

If you ticked the ‘Don’t ask me again’ tick in the confirmation box to delete sticky notes and wish to re-enable the Delete Confirmation box, then open the Sticky Notes settings band under the ‘General’ section, click on the toggle bar below ‘Confirm before deleting’ to enable it back.

You will continue receiving confirmation prompts while deleting notes now.

Opening and Closing Sticky Notes on Windows 11

A single click will not open a note on Sticky Notes. You can double click it or you can click the ‘Menu’ button (three-dotted horizontal line), and select ‘Open Note’ from the pop-up menu.

The same ‘Open Note’ option will change to ‘Close Note’ when the selected note is open. This means that you can close multiples notes just from the Sticky Notes box itself without having to reach each note to individually close them.

Opening Notes List from a Sticky Note

Suppose you’ve closed the notes list and kept just the digital Post-it note page on your active screen. Now, you want to refer to the Notes List or the Sticky Notes main page or box immediately. There’s no need to go back to the taskbar. You can summon the Notes List from the notes box you’re using itself! Here’s how.

Click the ‘Menu’ button on the top right corner of the notes box.

Select ‘Notes List’ from the menu.

You will have the Notes List by your side in an instant.

How to Sync Sticky Notes to Cloud on Windows 11

Click the gear icon; ‘Settings’ option on the Sticky Notes List.

The first section on the Sticky Notes ‘Settings’ box is dedicated to the process of syncing Sticky Notes to your cloud. Hit the ‘Sign in’ button here to further facilitate the syncing.

A ‘Sign-in’ box will appear. Here, choose the account you wish to sync with Sticky Notes and click ‘Continue’.

You will now be signed into Sticky Notes with the chosen Microsoft account.

You can always sign out by selecting the ‘Sign Out’ option in the User Profile section of Sticky Notes settings.