Curated playlists are all the rage right now in the music streaming world, rightly so. They let you discover more music than you could possibly imagine. But even though we all love curated playlists, the truth is a lot of music on these playlists “made just for us” is far from what we like. Playlists on Spotify are no different. If you are tired of the playlists the app’s algorithms whip up for you and are in a desperate need of something that truly understands your taste in music, PLYLST is the place to go.

PLYLST is a web service that creates Spotify playlists for you based on your taste. Your music taste buds would be totally appeased.

Creating playlists with PLYLST is fairly easy. You will need to log in to your Spotify account from the website and give it access to your account for it to work properly.

Once you’ve signed in, click the ‘Create a Playlist’ button to get started.

Start by entering the basic details like name of the Playlist, its privacy – whether it will be public or private – and whether it should be auto-updated.

Then, select the source of the songs the playlist should be created from. The tool offers three options: Only songs I’ve liked, Any songs from artists I’ve liked, and Full Spotify catalog.

Now, define the rules to build the playlist. The tool offers a pretty comprehensive list of parameters to make sure the playlist is tailored exactly to your needs. You can define rules for everything from Acoustic likeness, Artist name, BPM (Beats Per Minute), Danceability, Days Ago, Days since last played, Duration, Energy, Explicit, Genres, Instrumental, Key, Label, Lyrics, Mode, Mood, Play Count, Popularity, Release Date, Speech to Track Name.

Choose the parameters you want to define. You can select any number of parameters to define the rules, from one to all of them. Add a new rule by clicking on the Add Rule button. Delete a rule by clicking on the trash button.

Define a Limit for how many songs the playlist should contain if you want to keep it under a certain number; you can also choose to leave it empty. Select how the playlist should be sorted and click on Save Playlist.

The playlist will be curated and added to your Spotify account. It’s really that simple.