How to Fix it When Spotify is Not Working on Windows 11

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Spotify Desktop app

How to Enable or Disable Spotify to Automatically Start at Login

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How to Create a Similar Playlist on Spotify

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Spotify Playlists

How to Make Playlists Public Automatically on Spotify

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Spotify Pin

How to Pin Items on Spotify

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Delete Music

How to Clear Cache on Spotify

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Private Playlist

How to Make a Playlist Private on Spotify

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Music Playlist

How to Turn Autoplay On/Off on Spotify

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Explicit Content E Tag

How to Restrict Explicit Content on Spotify

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How to Set a Song on Spotify as Ringtone on your iPhone

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Music Sharing

How to Make a Collaborative Playlist on Spotify

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Delete Music

How to Remove Songs From Your Spotify Library

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What is Spotify Radio and How to Use it?

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How to Mark Podcast Episodes as ‘Played’ on Spotify

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Spotify Code

How to Find, Make and Scan a Spotify Code

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Music Playlist

How to View Recently Played Songs, Playlists, Albums on Spotify

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What is Spotify Wrapped 2021 and How to Find Your Top Songs 2021 Playlist

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How to Add Playlists to Your Spotify Profile

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Song Queue

How to Queue Songs on Spotify

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Call Quality

How to Improve Audio Output Quality on Spotify Greenroom

Three audio output quality options to suit your room’s needs

Music Lyrics

How to Use Real-Time Lyrics on Spotify

Sing along with real-time lyrics, view full lyrics, and share your favorite lyrics on mobile devices

Spotify Logo

What is Spotify Greenroom and How to Use it

A to Z of Spotify Greenroom and how to use it

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What is a Spotify Private Session and How to Use it

Private sessions on your computer and phone with a bonus alternative on both devices!


How to Change Spotify Language on Windows PC

Use the desktop Spotify app in a language that comforts you.