Have you ever experienced that Windows was working properly a little while ago, but suddenly started malfunctioning. If this has happened with you, it must have confused you. Or you may have installed or uninstalled something yourself, which led to the malfunction. You want Windows to run just as fine as it was running some time ago. Well, not to worry. Windows has the perfect solution for you.

System restore is a convenient tool when something goes wrong in Windows. It takes back the operating system to a pre-set point. This step requires a system restore to have already been enabled in the operating system so that new restore points can be created.

System restore can help you move before the time when an incomplete application installation or uninstallation process took place, when registry cleaning tools erroneously removed entries from the registry, or when malware was installed into the system.

Let’s start the Windows Restore process

Press Win + Q on your keyboard, then type ‘restore’ in the search box, and press Enter to launch the ‘Create a restore point’ feature on your PC.

From the window that opens, go to the ‘System Protection’ tab, and click on the ‘System Restore’ button.

Click ‘Next’ on the System Restore window that opens.

Then select a Restore point on the next screen. Windows creates automatic restore points when you make changes to your system. If you didn’t create a restore point manually in the past, use the most recent ‘Automatic Restore Point’ created by Windows, and click the ‘Next’ button.

Finally, confirm your restore point by clicking the ‘Finish’ button.

Now turn back the clock, literally! Windows gives you the wonderful opportunity to let you take it back to the time when you think it was working perfectly. With this no hassle tool, you can revert any harmful changes that had been made to your operating system, and again enjoy a smooth running installation of Windows on your PC.