How to Delete a Chat in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Chat

For messages in group and private conversations

Microsoft Teams is the hub for teamwork in Office 365. No matter where you are – as long as you are connected to the internet – you can get work done on your own and with your teammates. With Microsoft Teams, you can communicate, share files and stay in synchronisation with your teammates and stay productive as a team while working from anywhere.

Conversations in Microsoft Teams with the entire team are posted on the ‘Posts’ tab in any channel. The tab is present by default in all channels and it cannot be deleted. But you can delete the conversations or messages in the tab.

At any time, if you think you need to backtrack and delete what you sent to your team, you can do so in Microsoft Teams.

Deleting Messages in Team Conversations

In the Microsoft Teams app, click on ‘Teams’ on the left, then go to the team you want to delete the conversation from and select the ‘Posts’ tab.

Now go to the message you want to delete and hover the cursor on it. A string of reaction emojis will appear on the right corner of the message. Click on the ‘More’ option (three dots).

A context menu will appear on the screen. Click on the ‘Delete’ option and the message will be deleted. And your peers will not be notified that you have deleted something. The message will just be gone from their end.

Delete the conversations and messages you post in your team.

The message ‘This message has been deleted’ with an ‘Undo’ option next to it will appear on your screen in the place of the message. Click on it if you wish to undo the delete.

Deleting a Private Chat in Microsoft Teams

Team-wide conversations are not the only ones you can delete in Microsoft Teams. You can also delete private conversations with your teammates.

Click on the ‘Chat’ option on the left to go to private chats, and open the chat you want to delete the conversation from. Then go to the message and hover the cursor on it. Now, click on the ‘More’ option and select ‘Delete’. This will delete the message from both ends – even if the recipient had already seen it.

Delete a conversation in a private chat in Microsoft Teams.


Microsoft Teams is a great place to collaborate with your colleagues and work together in perfect harmony. You can communicate seamlessly with all your teammates, but what’s even better is you can always backtrack and delete previously sent messages on Teams in case you made a mistake you need to fix.