Windows supports multiple user profiles on a single machine to provide ease of convenience in case more than one person is using a single machine.

Different user profiles or accounts on a single machine also keep preferences, files, and folders of each user separately to facilitate individual customization for every user without interfering with other profiles created.

Though, there can be many instances where you have to remove a user profile to accommodate any other user or just remove the profile just because the person has stopped using the machine.

Fortunately, deleting a user profile does not require you to indulge in an elaborate process, and can be easily done on your computer in minutes. Moreover, the process remains the same irrespective of the user holding a local account or a Microsoft account.

Deleting a User Profile Using the Settings App

Removing a user profile from the Settings app on your Windows machine is a cakewalk. Given that, you should be signed in using an administrator account or at least have the credentials for one in order to remove any other account.

To remove a user profile this way, head to the Start Menu and either click on the ‘Settings’ tile present under the ‘Pinned apps’ section or perform a search for the app by typing its name.

Next, click on the ‘Account’ tab present on the left sidebar on the ‘Settings’ window to proceed.

After that, from the right section of the window, click on the ‘Family & other users’ tile from the list to continue.

Now, on the next screen, locate the ‘Other users’ section and click on the individual user tile that you wish to remove to expand the section.

Once expanded, click on the ‘Remove’ button present on the far right edge of the ‘Account and data’ tile. This will open a separate window on your screen.

Now, from the separately opened window, click on the ‘Delete account & data’ to permanently delete the account and the associated data with it from your machine.

Deleting a User Profile from the Control Panel

Along with deleting a user profile from the Settings app, you can also delete a user account right from the Control Panel. This method comes in handy and saves you from switching apps if you already have a Control Panel window open or wish to tweak some settings from it along with deleting a user profile.

To delete a user profile this way, open the Start Menu and type Control to perform a search. Then, from the search results, click on the ‘Control Panel’ tile to open it.

Then, from the ‘Control Panel’ window, locate and click on the ‘User Accounts’ option to proceed.

After that, on the next screen, ‘click on the ‘Remove user accounts’ option present under the ‘User Accounts’ section to continue.

Then, from the options displayed on your screen, click to select the user profile you wish to delete.

Now, click on the ‘Delete the account’ option from the list present in the left section of your screen.

After that, Windows will ask if you wish to keep the files associated with the user account. If you wish to keep the files and folder associated with the profile, click on the ‘Keep files’. In case you want to completely erase the user profile along with the data, click on the ‘Delete files’ button to proceed.

Deleting a User Profile Using the User Accounts Wizard

If you have to delete user profiles in bulk, hopping multiple menus just to delete a single user account may become a really cumbersome and tedious task just because of the elaborate process. Hence, in a situation like that, the User Account wizard can really come in handy and help you fast-track the process.

To, delete a user profile this way, first, press the Windows+R keys together on your keyboard to bring up the Run utility. Once, the Run utility is visible, enter netplwiz in the space provided and hit Enter to open the wizard window.

Now, from the wizard window, first, make sure you have selected the ‘Users’ tab. Then, locate the list of user profiles present on your machine under the ‘Users for this computer:’ label.

After that, click to select a user from the list, whom you wish to remove. Then, click on the ‘Remove’ button present on the bottom section of the window to continue. This will bring up a separate window on your screen.

From the separately opened window on your screen, click on the ‘Yes’ button to remove the account.

To remove, more accounts, just select each of them from the list and click on the ‘Remove’ button. Then, repeat the process mentioned above to remove multiple users from your machine swiftly.

There you go folks, hopefully, this guide will help you remove unwanted user profiles from your Windows PC.