You can kill downed enemies with a finisher in Apex Legends to add some flair to your kill. Every legend in the game has unique finisher styles to kill knocked out enemies with a perfect execution dialogue.

To do a finisher in Apex Legends, go near a downed enemy and press the key you use to pick up items in the game. The default on PC is E, while it’s X on Xbox One, and the square button on PS4.

Remember, to not do a finisher on a knocked out enemy unless he’s the last of the enemy squad. If you kill an enemy with a finisher while his squad is alive, you might get shamefully killed by the enemy squad while trying to kill in style. However, when your main is Mirage, you’re less likely to get killed while doing a finisher because Mirage does finishers with a decoy.

That said, it’s a pleasure and classic insult on the enemy when you kill them with a finisher. Do it as often as you can. It’s fun.

Tip: When you have a gold armor equipped, your body shield will automatically charge to full when you perform a finisher.

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