Prasadh Kamma


How to Do Subscript in Word

Subscripts are special characters that look smaller than the normal text. Writing a document with scientific equations or mathematical equations…

Secure Send

What is Bitwarden Send and How to Use it

Bitwarden Send is a secure text and file transfer service offered by the makers of Bitwarden Password Manager. The text/files…


How to Change Margins in Word

Margins are the empty spaces between the content of a page and its edge. By default, the Word documents come…

Font in document

How to Add Fonts to Google Docs

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Domain address

How to Enable Blockchain Domains in Chrome, Firefox, and Edge

Blockchain domains are the new digital assets that are fully under the owner’s control, unlike traditional domains which are regulated…

Microsoft Word

How to Curve Text in Word

Normally, Word documents have basic formatting of text. To make some words stand out, you can make them bold, italic,…

USB Device

How to Find Which USB Device is Making Connecting/Disconnecting Sounds

Have you ever come across a situation where your computer is making random USB connecting/disconnecting sounds and you cannot detect…