We find mature content everywhere on the internet and offline. It’s part of our culture. Swearing, crass language, sexual content, violence, aggression, and gore are generally the flagbearers of mature content – A-rated or “18+ content,” in other words.

Many games on Twitch, too, require a mature audience. Some streamers may be using ‘cuss words’ while streaming or the entire nature of a stream/channel might be suitable only for audiences above 18 years of age. In such situations, it is imperative to let your audience know – a trigger warning is essential.

In this guide, we cover how you can give your audience a heads up about the mature disposition of your channel/stream.

Note: The option to enable ‘mature content’ on Twitch is available only on the desktop app.

Enabling Mature Content on Twitch

Launch the desktop app for Twitch and click your user profile button in the top right corner of the screen.

Now, click the ‘Creator Dashboard’ option in the drop-down menu.

You’ll now reach the creator dashboard on your browser. Click the ‘Settings’ drop-down box under the ‘Creator Dashboard’ menu on the left.

Select ‘Stream’ under the ‘Settings’ drop-down menu.

Navigate to the ‘Mature Content’ option on the right and click the toggle button next to it to turn it purple.

Note: Although you’re enabling mature content, you must be aware that Twitch has zero tolerance towards nudity, extreme violence, threats, hate messages, and sexual activity. If you are found broadcasting such content, your channel will be immediately terminated.

‘Mature content’ is now enabled on your Twitch channel. Each time a viewer opens your stream, they will be provided with a trigger warning and an age prompt.

Disabling Mature Content on Twitch

To disable ‘mature content’, head back to the ‘Stream’ setting on your ‘Creator Dashboard’ as discussed above. A refresher: User profile button > Creator Dashboard > Settings > Stream. Now, click the ‘Mature Content’ toggle to turn it black and white from purple.

‘Mature Content’ will now be OFF on your Twitch channel. Viewers and visitors will not need to pass an ‘Age Appropriate’ prompt. Anyone can now watch your stream.

And that’s how you can enable ‘Mature Content’ on Twitch. It is important to turn on this feature if your channel, the content you’re streaming, or your language is inappropriate for a young audience.