Twitch has a default setting of minimizing the app window when you close it by clicking the ‘X’ button. This could be one of the reasons why you cannot fully close Twitch on your PC. Twitch has three closing options – Minimize, Hide, and Exit. ‘Minimize’ is the default setting on Twitch.

To exit the app when you click the close button, you must simply change the app closing option. In this guide, we’ll discuss how to change the app-closing settings so that the ‘Close’ or ‘X’ button on the Twitch window exits the app and does not minimize it. At the end of the guide, we also include in-app and PC alternatives to exit Twitch.

Change Close-App Settings on Twitch to Exit the App

Launch Twitch on your computer and click your user profile button in the top right corner of the screen.

Now, select ‘Settings’ towards the end of the drop-down menu.

You will land on the ‘General’ tab. Stay on this tab and navigate the ‘When I Close the App’ section. There are three options here – Minimize Twitch, Hide Twitch, and Exit Twitch. The former is selected by default. To exit Twitch when you close the app, click the radio button in front of the ‘Exit Twitch’ option to select it.

Twitch will now close and not minimize when you hit the ‘X’ button on the app window. If you want Twitch to hide when you close the app, select ‘Hide Twitch’ instead.

Alternatives to Exit Twitch

You can exit Twitch without having to change the app-closing settings. Simply double-finger tap on the ‘Twitch’ icon on your taskbar. Select ‘Exit Twitch’ from the menu.

Another trick is to hold Alt + Spacebar while on the Twitch app window or double-finger tap the app’s title bar. Then, select ‘Close’ from the menu that pops to the top left corner of the screen or anywhere along the title bar.

You can cut the extra step and hold Alt + F4 on your keyboard to instantly close and exit Twitch as well.

Force-End Twitch via Command Prompt

If you can’t end Twitch by simple means, you can force stop it with Command Prompt. Launch ‘Run’ by holding Windows + R on your keyboard. Now, type cmd in the ‘Open’ text field and hit Enter or click OK.

Enter ‘tasklist’ in the command prompt window and press Enter on your keyboard to generate the list of all the tasks running on your computer. This will help enter the right keyword in the terminating command.

You will now see that Twitch is also a part of the list. However, there may be two or three different Twitch processes with the keywords Twitch, TwitchUI, and TwitchAgent. TwitchUI will help shut down Twitch fully and of course, forcefully.

Type the following command at the end of the task list – taskkill /im TwitchUI.exe /F. Hit Enter to implement the command.

You’ll see a ‘SUCCESS’ command when you hit ‘Enter’, notifying the process is terminated. Twitch is now forcefully ended and exited.

Force-End Twitch via Task Manager

If all fails and you are desperate to get Twitch out of your screen, you will need to force-stop the application. For this, open the task manager by holding Ctrl + Shift + Esc. You can also right-click on the ‘Start’ button (Windows icon) and select ‘Task Manager’ from the menu.

Or, click the ‘Search’ button (magnifying glass icon) on the taskbar.

And type ‘Task Manager’ in the ‘Search’ field. Select the appropriate search result from the list. If the app’s results are visible on the right, click the ‘Open’ button below the app preview.

Locate ‘Twitch’ in the list of ‘Processes’. Click to highlight the app and then click the ‘End Task’ button at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Give it a couple of seconds to be out of the running processes. Now, Twitch has been forcefully terminated from running on your computer.

That’s how you can completely close and exit Twitch when you click the ‘X’ (close) button on the application, and otherwise. We hope you found our guide useful!