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How to Enable Tab Preview Images in Chrome

The new tab previews feature in Chrome 78 shows page title and site address in the preview card when you hover the cursor over a tab. But Chrome also supports tab preview images and you can enable it from the experimental settings page.


Go to the Chrome experimental features page by typing chrome://flags in the address bar.

Chrome experimental features page

Then click the “Search flags” box and type/paste “Tab Hover Card Images” into it. This will filter out all experimental features except the one we need to enable.

Search for “Tab Hover Card Images” feature in Chrome experiments page

Click the drop-down box next to “Tab Hover Card Images” feature and select Enabled from the available options.

Enable Tab Hover Card Images feature in Chrome

Right after you select “Enabled” in the drop-down box], a Relaunch button will appear at the bottom of the Chrome window. Click on it to restart Chrome and enable Tab Preview Images in Chrome.

Relaunch Chrome to enable experimental features

That’s it. Hovering over a tab should now show preview images as well as the page title and site address in Chrome.

Chrome Tabs with Image Preview

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