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How to Enable Together Mode in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams adds a new tool to your arsenal to make meetings more engaging

A few months ago, no one could have imagined such heavy usage of video conferencing software, especially in workplaces and schools. But this drastic turn of events we are now a witness to, completely changed the way we connect with people around us. Meetings and classes are happening entirely through video conferences now.


Microsoft Teams is one of the front runners in the video conferencing ecosystem. And it is working hard to maintain that status. From bringing a lot of essential features to just as many innovative ones, folks over at Microsoft have been hard at work. One of the latest innovations coming to Microsoft Teams is the ‘Together Mode’. Get the scoop about what it is!

What is Microsoft Teams Together Mode

Although video conference meetings and classes have been quite literally our saviors, there’s no denying that they don’t hold a candle to their real-world counterpart. The Together Mode in Microsoft Teams is an attempt to bridge the gap between the virtual and the physical.

The Together Mode uses AI segmentation technology to give users the experience of almost being in the same room. How does it do that? It digitally places participants in a shared background like at a conference table, or an auditorium, etc. Essentially, it makes you feel you’re all in the same room together, hence, making it more personal and more engaging. Microsoft claims that it allows you to focus on other people – their faces as well as their body language – better and thus makes it easier to pick up non-verbal cues.


It might not be something you’d want in every meeting, but it’ll come handy in brainstorming sessions and group discussions. The feature has already started rolling out and will be generally available to everyone in August. So if you already see it in your meetings, lucky you! But if not – Patience, young grasshopper.

How to Use Together Mode in Microsoft Teams

Using Together Mode in Microsoft Teams is as easy as pie. Click on the ‘More options’ icon (three dots) on the meeting toolbar in the meeting. An options menu will open. Click on ‘Together Mode’ from the list of options.

Currently, the Together Mode is rolling out with the Auditorium view, but more views like a round-table, coffee break, a meeting room, and much more will be coming in the future.

Auditorium View in Together Mode

Now, whether it is an important intimate meeting or a big event, you can feel like you’re all together even when you’re apart with the Together Mode in Microsoft Teams. If you’re a student, you can once again feel like you’re sitting in a class with all your peers right from your living room. Together Mode will make your meetings and classes more engaging and make your connections even stronger during these dire times.