A Spotify Code is Spotify’s very own scannable QR-like code. It’s a concise, neat in appearance, and informative code that helps the user directly access and listen to content on the platform. With Spotify Code, you no longer need to type and share or copy and paste the link to avail content on the platform. All you need is Spotify Code.

Each item on Spotify – songs, artists, albums, podcasts, etc., has a code of its own. This code is made of a different series of lines each. Irrespective of where it appears, the code is scannable and therefore, decodable by Spotify.

You can take a screenshot of the code and share it, or create a code and then share the same. Spotify Codes are generateable on all devices, but they are visible only on mobile devices.

Read on to know more about Spotify Code, how to find it, create and share it.

What’s the Use of a Spotify Code?

Scan any of these items with your Spotify Code Scanner (instructions below)

Anyone (or almost anyone) who uses Spotify will know that everything – from artists to soundtracks, to podcasts and even profiles has an individual link or URI. This is the item’s identity on Spotify, and this identity can be used to access the item even outside the music platform.

Since it’s a link – something that’s so easily shareable, anyone on Spotify would also know that by simply copying and pasting the link anywhere, they could share content on Spotify. So, what is the point of Spotify Code? How does it make things easier?

Compact, Visual Appeal. Spotify Code is a visually appealing bit of information. We’d be oblivious to the embedded information without the Spotify code scanner. All Spotify codes are in the image format, which doubles on both visual attraction and on-screen neatness. Nobody would ever need to encounter a paragraph-long URL just to listen to a song. It’s all in the code, embedded, and made to look pretty. Spotify Code is indeed a pretty little code.

Cuts down the work. Spotify codes are super easy to use and they make the process of finding and listening to Spotify content so much easier. Copying, pasting, and sharing links to different Spotify items is not difficult, it’s just time-consuming, and Spotify Code saves that time.

Saves space. As mentioned previously, copy-pasting links to items on Spotify takes up too much space while sharing. Spotify Code is an image with the same amount of information. It takes less time to create it, and even lesser space while sharing it.

Easy Promotion. If you find yourself promoting or trying to effectively promote your own Spotify content or that of someone else’s, Spotify Code is a great way forward. Apart from containing relevant content in a single code, it also has the perfect amount of mystery to perk attention, as there’s no clue of the code’s destination. Since it’s a scannable code, it gets people to do what they love most – take out their phones.

How to Use a Spotify Code

Spotify codes are downloadable. Hence, they are shareable on multiple platforms at the same time. However, be cautious of using these codes commercially. Spotify does not encourage printing Spotify Codes on merchandise. But, you could print and use a Spotify Code personally, while gifting, for instance. Glass frames, keychains, are some of the popular surfaces for printing a Spotify Code. Read more on Spotify Code’s TnCs.

Spotify Code is a simple, elegant, easy to use, and smoother to share code containing information that would lead you to a specific destination on Spotify. Plus, you can customize your Spotify Code as well! You can create codes for your own profiles, playlists, soundtracks, albums, etc., and use them to share your Spotify presence.

How to Find a Spotify Code

Spotify codes are visible on mobile devices. The path to finding the code for different items is the same but minutely different. First, launch the app on your phone, and locate the item you want the Spotify Code for. Then, follow the upcoming steps to find the code.

For a song. There are two ways to find a song’s Spotify code. One is via a playlist/album, and the other is directly on the song’s page. To find the code from a playlist or any other arrangement of songs, tap the ellipsis icon of the particular song on the list.

To find the code via the song’s page, first, tap the music player of the song to get a full-screen view of it.

Then tap the ellipsis icon (three vertical dots) to the top right corner of the screen.

You will now see the song’s code.

For other formats. To find the Spotify code for a playlist, album, artist, or podcast, first, open the item, and tap the ellipsis icon (three vertical dots) below the item’s credentials.

For Podcast Episodes. Like songs, podcast episodes have two ways to find the Spotify code as well. You can tap the ellipsis icon of the podcast’s episode on the podcast’s playlist.

Or, open the podcast episode to a full screen and then tap the ellipsis icon (three vertical dots) to the top right corner of the screen.

The upcoming screen in the mentioned scenarios will be the screen with the chosen item’s Spotify Code.

You can take a screenshot of this screen and share it with someone who can scan the code. Or you can generate a code for the same item as well.

How to Scan a Spotify Code

When you come across a Spotify code, the first thing you do is take out your phone and launch Spotify. Tap the ‘Search’ button shown with a magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the screen – twice. Tapping it once doesn’t usually make the search field typable.

Once you see a typable search field, tap the ‘Camera’ icon to the field’s right.

Next, point your camera to a Spotify code or an image with the code. Make sure the image is within the scanning window (square) of the screen. Spotify will instantly recognize the code and take you to the particular item on the platform.

Scanning a song’s Spotify code will both take you to the song in the Spotify app and play the song as well. Even when you’re on shuffle mode, the scanned song will succeed with the same artist’s songs.

Apart from scanning Spotify codes, you can also select a screenshot/image with the code from your gallery and Spotify would decode it in seconds. Tap the ‘Select from photos’ option at the bottom of the screen to choose a photo from your gallery.

Spotify’s code scanner is quite sensitive. A single tap of an image containing the Spotify Code, and Spotify would immediately play the corresponding content for you.

How to Create a Spotify Code

A Spotify code is generated by a Spotify item’s link or URI (Unique Resource Identifier). You can generate Spotify codes on mobile and desktop devices. All you need to get started is to reach the individual item that you want to generate a code for. If you want a song’s code, then you must reach the song only – and not the playlist.

On your computer, click the item’s ellipsis icon (three horizontal dots), select the ‘Share’ option from the menu, and then choose ‘Copy Song Link’ from the second menu.

On your phone, reach the item and tap the item’s ellipsis icon (three vertical dots) – generally below the item’s credentials/information.

Next, choose ‘Share’ from the following menu.

Select the ‘Copy link’ option on the following ‘Share’ screen.

Once you have the item’s link, head onto the Spotify Codes website to generate the code on any device.

Generating the Spotify Code

The method to generate a Spotify code is the same on all devices once you have the link that you want to create a Spotify Code for.

Open the spotifycodes.com website in a web browser, paste the copied link in the provided field on the page, and hit the ‘Get Spotify Code’ button below the field.

The item’s code will instantaneously generate to the right. You can customize the code as well. If you like the code just as it is, hit the ‘Download’ button to further download and share the code.

To close the code generating section click the ‘x’ button to the top left corner of the section.

And the next thing is a shower of your Spotify Code, while your device downloads it!

Customizing Your Spotify Code

Once the Spotify code for the chosen item is generated, you can customize the background color, code color, and image format. To customize the background color on your computer, click the pen icon below ‘Background Color’ – the first option to the right of the code.

You can choose your color from the colored dots or drag the white toggle along the rainbow slider to apply the desired color.

The ‘Bar Color’ is the color of the code (the Spotify logo and the lines). You can choose between white and black for this part of the code. The default is generally white. To change it, click the drop-down box below ‘Bar Color’ and choose from the options.

The code’s size is not changeable. It stays 640 pixels. Trying to change the code would only disrupt the page and lose the code. In such situations, simply refresh the page to get back the code. You can copy paste the link again to be sure.

You can change the format of the code between JPG, SVG, and PNG. To do this, click the drop-down box below the ‘Format’ title and select the desired format. You can also download the same code multiple times in different formats.

Once you’re done formatting, hit the ‘Download’ button to download the Spotify code.

Sharing Your Spotify Code

An added advantage of generating codes on the computer is that you can directly reach social networking platforms – Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit, and share your code. Simply click the button of the platform you wish to share your code on, and share away!

Spotify Code is a great way to share and access content on Spotify. We hope you found our guide useful in understanding what a Spotify Code is, how to use it, and how to create your own little custom sound waves for your favorite items on Spotify.