Clubhouse has been a rage amongst people of all age groups, professions, and walk of life. Just like it was the case with Facebook in the early days, people now spend most of their time on Clubhouse, probably jumping rooms, listening to others, or maybe speaking. That’s the best part of Clubhouse, you can play any role on the app and there is a lot to take from it, you learn, make connections, have a fun time, or share your creations with others.

When there are multiple speakers on the stage on Clubhouse, there is always a chance of listeners being confused. For instance, when there are 15-20 people on the stage who are not engaging in a systematic interaction, you will probably find it difficult to catch up. Take another example, you are in a room to listen to one specific person, so you must know when they are speaking.

Many a time, when you listen to a speaker in a room, you may want to follow them right away but will need to first identify them from the stage. Clubhouse has this feature where you can easily identify the speaker in a room, and we will see it in the next section.

Finding the Speaker in a Room on Clubhouse

Whenever a person is speaking on Clubhouse, there is this thick greyish outline around their profile photo. This is how you can easily identify the speaker.

Moreover, a person has to unmute their microphone before they speak, so the microphone sign will also not be present at the corner of their profile. Do remember that the microphone icon can’t be the sole criteria of identifying the speaker, as many others may have unmuted but are not speaking, therefore, always look for the greyish outline.

In case, more than one person is speaking on the stage, you will see the greyish outline on the profiles of all the speakers.

Now that you have read the article, you will easily be able to find the speaker in a room on Clubhouse.