Clubhouse is a new social networking app with a user base much smaller than Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, but there has been a steady increase in the last couple of months. Many on Clubhouse do not adhere to the Club rules or the community guidelines. You may have come across such people violating the Clubhouse Guidelines, or situations where you feel the necessity to report a user.

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Before you report a user, it is necessary to have a basic understanding of the whole concept of reporting. Also, sometimes other people may report you, therefore, you should also have a fair bit of knowledge of defending yourself in such situations. However, it is recommended that you do not violate Clubhouse guidelines and interact with people ethically. The person against whom an incident has been reported can be suspended from the platform.

Reporting on Clubhouse

There are basically two cases here, when you report, and when you are reported. We will discuss them under different sub-headings for greater clarity and understanding.

When You Report on Clubhouse

Reporting on Clubhouse is referred to as ‘Reporting an Incident‘. You can report an incident right away when it takes place in the room or report it afterward.

Clubhouse records the conversation in a room and deletes it as soon as the room ends. The reason behind this, as conveyed by Clubhouse, is to check and verify any incident report they receive for that room. Therefore, it is clever to report an incident in the room itself, so that it’s easier for Clubhouse to ascertain the issue at hand and take necessary action.

When you report, your identity is not shared with the person you reported, to safeguard your privacy. Every reported incident on Clubhouse is reviewed and investigated as per their guidelines and required action is taken.

Clubhouse sometimes shares the status of the investigation with you, in case you were directly targeted in the reported incident. Moreover, Clubhouse may also inform how the resolution could impact you. The action taken by Clubhouse regarding the incident will not necessarily be visible to you, as temporary suspension or warnings do not affect the user’s profile.

You should never try to misuse the ‘Report an Incident’ feature as it could land you in trouble on the platform since it’s a violation of Clubhouse rules.

When You Have Been Reported on Clubhouse

Before we proceed to the details, never indulge in any activity that could get you reported on Clubhouse. It’s supposed to be a safe platform for healthy interactions, hence, try to keep it that way.

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When someone reports you, Clubhouse will reach out to you regarding it with a part of the details submitted by the person who reported you. Clubhouse will not reveal the identity of the person.

If Clubhouse is unable to reach out to you, they will temporarily restrict your account until proper contact is made and the issue at hand is discussed. Clubhouse will also inform you of the action they intend to take and its possible effect on your account.

Clubhouse realizes that there are times when you have been falsely accused of violating the guidelines or have been reported. Therefore, you can contact Clubhouse with your version of the incident. Also, if you feel that the action taken is unreasonable or harsh, simply contact Clubhouse with a reasonable explanation.

Never intimidate the person who reported you, or is involved with the incident, as it can bring severe implications for you. Moreover, if an action has been taken by Clubhouse in the matter, don’t retaliate against anyone.

After reading this article, you will have a fair amount of idea about how reporting works on Clubhouse.