Google is a powerhouse for getting the exact content you want, but where does the content we all love to consume so much come from? From the publishers and content creators across the world who toil every day to get interesting stories in front of you.

Now, Google is adding a new feature in Google Search that displays search results from publishers you follow to make it easier for you to consume content from publications you enjoy.

When you are following a publisher on Google, you'll get relevant results from them in your search results when they match your query under 'From publishers that you follow', as shown below. It seems like Google is quietly experimenting/ slowly rolling out this feature, so you might not get it right away; we only just spotted it, but there's no mention of it anywhere.

Following a Publisher

The easiest way to follow a publisher at present is from the Google News app. You can follow them either from the web or the mobile app. For your convenience, we'll showcase the steps for both.

Follow a Publisher on Google News on the Desktop

From your preferred browser, go to

Then, on the Home page, scroll down until you reach the 'Sources' section. There, you can find some suggested publishers from Google. Click 'More' to expand the list.

You can also go to the 'Search' option to find your preferred publisher.

Enter the publication's name to find them. Then, click them from the search results when they pop up. You should be clicking the result that says 'Source' under it.

Finally, click the 'Follow' button.

You can find the publishers you followed in the 'Following' tab.

Follow a Publisher from the Google News Mobile App

Whether you're on Android or iPhone, your path starts with opening the Google News app. If you don't have it installed, a quick visit to the App Store or Google Play Store will get you sorted. Search for 'Google News', and tap the 'Get'/'Install' button.

Then, open the app and sign into your Google account if you aren't already signed in. If you are using your Google account in any other app from Google, you will be already signed in.

You'll be on the 'For You' tab. Scroll down, and you'll reach the 'Sources' section. Swipe left to navigate the publishers suggested for you by Google. When you find the one you like, tap the 'Follow' button.

If you couldn't find your preferred publisher that way, return to the top and tap the 'Search' icon.

Enter the name of the publication and tap on the matching search result when it appears. It should say 'Source' under it.

Then, tap the 'Follow'/ 'Star' icon to give them a follow.

Our search results can sometimes be flooded with unnecessary results while the ones we'd actually like to read are nowhere to be found. With this new feature, you can get the content you want in your search results simply by following the publishers that you like.