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How to Force Dark Mode on any Website in Chrome

The Chrome 78 version is bringing support for forced Dark Mode on Web Contents which essentially makes every website render with a dark theme in the browser. Even when a site is designed with white background and black text, the new forced Dark Mode in Chrome will make it render with black background and white text.


This new Dark Mode feature only applies to websites you visit. It won’t change your Chrome theme to dark colors. Also, it’s currently a beta feature and is available through Chrome’s experimental features section only.

You can enable the “Force Dark Mode on Web Contents” experimental feature by going to chrome://flags URL in the browser.

Chrome experimental features page

Click inside the “Search flags” box and type “Force Dark Mode on Web Contents”. This will filter out all experimental features except the one we need to enable.

Search for “Force Dark Mode on Web Contents” on the Chrome experiments page

Click the drop-down box next to the experimental feature and select “Enabled” from the available options.

Enable “Force Dark Mode on Web Contents” feature in Chrome

Right after you select “Enabled” from the drop-down menu, a “Relaunch” button will appear at the bottom of the Chrome experiments page. Click on it to restart Chrome and let the darkness prevail everywhere on the internet.

Relaunch Chrome to enable experimental features

After relaunching, you’ll notice the Experiments page is dark. And every site you open in the browser will now open with a darker theme.

Let’s have a look at some of the most popular sites in Dark Mode.

Google Search in Dark Mode on Chrome

Wikipedia in Dark Mode on Chrome

Amazon in Dark Mode on Chrome

Medium in Dark Mode on Chrome

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