In the last decade, Google has come up with several digital tools and software, Google Docs being one the most effective. It offers various features coupled with an efficient and simple interface.

Some people prefer to color code the contents of their document for clarity and effectiveness. A highlighted text draws attention and can be used when conveying important points. Google Docs offers the feature to highlight text while there are additional tools for the same as well.

Before you start highlighting text, you must understand the importance, use, and implications of highlighting a text. Once you are versed with the concept, your documents will have greater appeal.

Highlighting Text In Google Docs

Select the word or sentence you wish to highlight and then click on the ‘Highlight Color’ option on the toolbar. It is in between the ‘Highlight Text’ and ‘Insert Link’ option.

From the list of colors, select the one you wish to use for highlighting the text. You also have the option to select a custom color by clicking on the plus sign at the bottom.

Once you click on a color, the selected text is automatically highlighted.

Now that you have learned to highlight text in a Google Doc, utilize this to sort and organize the contents of your documents.