Google delivers its users, tremendous usability with a variety of tools and helps them emphasize their work with ease. Two of such heavily utilized tools are Google Docs and Google Sheets. Google Docs helps users create and manage documents and Sheets helps users create spreadsheets. Both tools allow users to work on a file simultaneously in real-time with other users.

In situations when you want to integrate data from a Google Sheet into a Google Doc file for the sake of maintaining documented data or performing calculations, you can link the spreadsheet data into the document and even have it updated when changes are made to the source spreadsheet. In the following article, we will understand the procedure to insert Google Sheet in Google Doc and make changes at will.

Inserting Google Sheet in Google Doc

Select the entire spreadsheet you want to insert in the document by pressing Ctrl + A.

Selecting spreadsheet data

Then click on the ‘Edit’ button in the menu bar. An edit menu will appear, from there, select ‘Copy’ and the spreadsheet data will be copied.

Copying spreadsheet

Now open the Google Docs and the document in which you want to insert the spreadsheet content. Click on the ‘Edit’ button in the menu bar and then select ‘Paste’ from the menu options.

Pasting copied data in Google Docs file

Upon clicking on ‘Paste’, a popup will appear with the option ‘Link to spreadsheet’ selected by default. This will ensure the changes made in Google Sheets reflect in Google Docs without any problem. So simply click on the ‘Paste’ button and the table will be pasted in the document.

The Google Sheet data will look like the following when pasted into a Google Doc file.

Data from a Google Sheet in a Google Doc file

Updating Table

We can make changes in the table directly from the Google Doc file with the help of a button that appears just above the table as shown below.

Linked table options

For instance, if we add an additional row in the spreadsheet, it’ll reflect it in the document as well.

Making changes in the Google Sheet

Once done with the changes in the spreadsheet, open the document again and you’ll find an update button appear above the linked table.

Updating a linked table in Google Docs

Upon clicking the ‘Update’ button, the new data in the table will be updated but the additionally inserted row will not appear. To make that happen, you need to extend the range of the linked table in the document.

Updated table

Changing Range of the Table

In order to change the range of the table, click on the ‘Linked table options’ drop-down button.

Then, select the ‘Change range’ option from the drop-down menu.

You will be provided with the table info. In this case, E11 is the last cell of the last row.

In order to reflect the changes, all we need to do is insert an additional row and for doing so just increment the number of cell E by 1 (i.e. E12) and click on the ‘OK’ button.

Updating cell range for a linked Google Sheet in Google Doc

The changes will reflect in the linked table in Google Doc.

This technique will help you present data and maintain calculations in an effective way with minimum effort in a Google Doc file.