Virtual meeting conferences have kept the world going for the past couple of years. And there’s no shortage of video conferencing apps at the moment. In fact, the abundance of video conferencing apps has led to another problem.

Everyone seems to be using a different conferencing app. Although the desktop app is generally a great way to connect, you might not want to download it every time you have to use a new platform to attend a meeting.

If you have to join the meeting on Webex, you don’t even have to worry about downloading the app. The web app for Cisco Webex makes it extremely easy to join meetings from your browser. It is also a great alternative if you’re having trouble accessing the desktop app.

Note: You can only join Webex meetings from the browser on a PC. To join meetings from the mobile, you need to download the mobile app.

Using the Webex Meetings Web App

You can use the Webex Meetings web app to join meetings, webinars, events, and training sessions, as well, all from your browser. Granted, the functionality you get in the web app is not as extensive as the desktop app. But you do get the basic functionality right at your fingertips without the need to download anything.

You can use the Webex Meetings web app on the following browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Edge
  • Safari
  • Chromium
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer

When joining a meeting from a browser, you can either join from the web app, the Webex site or you can even join without an account.

Joining a Meeting from the Invite

If you’ve received the meeting, webinar, event, or training session invite via email, you can easily join the meeting. Open the email with the invitation. The meeting invite will have a ‘Join meeting’ option; click it.

It will redirect you to the meeting link. On Linux or ChromeOS, it’ll automatically lead you to the web app. In Windows or Mac, it’ll prompt you to open the desktop app first. Click the ‘Join from your browser’ option towards the bottom of the page to go to the web app.

If you’re not signed in to the Webex meeting space, you’ll get the option to join without signing in.

Enter your name, email address (optional), captcha, and click ‘Next’. Since you will not be logged in, your name will be how the meeting host will recognize you. So, enter your name correctly so they’ll admit you to the meeting. When you join as a guest, i.e., without signing in, you won’t have access to the full list of meeting features that authenticated users get.

If you want to sign in, click on the ‘Sign in’ option instead and enter your login credentials for the meeting space. When you sign in to your account for the meeting space, you won’t have to wait in the lobby.

The screen to join the meeting will open. Your browser will display a permission prompt that Webex wants to access your microphone and camera. Click ‘Allow’ to provide the permission.

Once you review your camera and microphone settings on the preview screen, click the ‘Join meeting’ option.

Depending on whether the meeting is locked or not, you’ll either enter the meeting lobby or directly the meeting. If you’re in the lobby, the host will have to admit you.

Joining with a Meeting Number

If you have the meeting number and not the meeting invite with a direct link, go to from a supported browser. Then, click the ‘Join a Meeting’ button.

Then, enter the meeting number in the textbox and click ‘Continue’.

Enter the meeting password on the next screen.

You’ll reach the meeting information page. Click ‘Join meeting’ to join the meeting.

The screen to enter your information, the same as above, will open. You can then join as a guest or click ‘Sign in’ to sign in to the meeting space.

Joining Meetings from the Web App

You can also start meetings or join them from the Webex web app after signing in to your account. Go to to use the web app.

Then, click the ‘Sign In’ option and enter your account details to log in to your account.

If you’re on the old web app experience, go to the ‘Start a meeting’ option and click the ‘drop-down arrow’ next to it.

Then, select ‘Use web app’ from the options.

Finally, click the ‘Start a meeting’ option to host a meeting. The meeting will start in your personal room.

To join another meeting, go to the search bar at the top. You can then search for the meeting using the host’s name, their personal room link or ID, meeting title, or the meeting number. If the meeting exists, it’ll appear in the results underneath the search bar. Click the ‘Join’ button.

Then, enter the meeting password you would have received in the meeting invite.

If you have upgraded to the new meeting experience, then go to ‘Meetings’ from the navigation pane on the left.

To start a meeting, click the ‘Start a meeting’ button.

Click the ‘Join a meeting’ button to join one.

Enter the meeting information like the host’s name, personal room link or ID, meeting number, or title in the textbox that appears. Then, just like before, enter the password for the meeting to join the meeting.

Attending meetings in the browser on Webex is extremely easy, whether you have an account or not. At any time, if you want more functionality, you can switch to the desktop app.