How to kick in Apex Legends

Landed into the face of an enemy without a weapon? You need to show them your martial arts skill. You can fist fight or kick the enemy to deal some severe damage without a gun, but it’s never easier to fight this way. 99% of the times, you’ll see people running around in circles trying to fist/kick each other. Trust us. It is a fun thing to watch.

Anyway, landing a punch in Apex Legends is common knowledge, but many players don’t know the fact they can also kick in the game to deal more damage than a punch. All you need to do is jump and then press the hit button.

When you press the hit button while jumping, your legend will perform a kick.

Also, when you’re near a door and you try to punch, you might land a kick on the door and break it. This is very useful when an enemy blocks you by the door. Yeah, Caustic mains do this very often.

Happy gaming!