One of the most insane legends in Apex Legends is Caustic. His gas traps can be deadly to even the most trained shooters. He can trap enemies inside a room by blocking the door with his gas traps and then watch them suffocate to death through the window.

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Below are some of the best Caustic videos recorded by the users. Have a look.

Gas Chamber Caustic is best Caustic

Posted on Reddit by u/TheYeti240

Brutal attack

Posted on Reddit by u/iConker

Caustic Hot Box Trap

Caustic Gas Traps Block Doors, in the best way

Posted on Reddit by u/SupremeJuices

Caustic Gas Traps can Fly

Posted on Reddit by u/scottmcginnly

Caustic’s finisher is the most insulting of all

Posted on Reddit by u/LKRTM1874

Caustic in the last circle is so annoying

Posted on Reddit by u/Arvo21

Caustic Trapped Into His Own Game

Posted on Reddit by u/JDryswak

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