The number of users on Clubhouse has increased considerably in the last couple of months. With the increase in user base, the number of people in a room has shown a spike as well. This makes moderating a room difficult as a lone moderator cannot manage all the tasks.

To solve this problem, Clubhouse has this feature where you can make multiple moderators to handle the roles or distribute it between them. This feature has helped people host rooms efficiently with many people on board. Every person who wants to hold a successful room needs to know how to make someone else a moderator.

Making Someone a Moderator on Clubhouse

To make someone a moderator, long-tap on the profile of the person you want to make a moderator.

Next, select ‘Make a moderator’ from the list of options on the box that pops-up.

Once you tap on the option, the person will become the moderator. Moreover, you can only make someone a moderator who is on the stage (one who is a speaker).

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Now that you know how to make someone a moderator, you can easily manage rooms and help make the interactions interesting and healthy.