How to Mark All Messages as Read on iPhone after iOS 13 update

The Messages app for iPhone has received some big and small changes with the release of iOS 13. If you have already installed the latest iPhone update, you may have noticed that “Read all” option is no longer available in the Messages app the way it used to before installing the update.

But rest assured, it’s still there. You can still mark all messages as read on an iPhone. But only there’s now an extra step to get to the “Read all” option in the app, and it is a bit annoying . If I have to do four taps on the screen to mark messages as read, I might as well open the messages one-by-one or use the new preview feature in iOS 13 to quickly mark messages as read, if there aren’t many.

Marking all messages as read on iOS 13

Open the Messages app on your iPhone, then tap the three-dot menu at the top right corner (before the create message button).

Tap the three-dot menu button

Select “Manage Messages List” from the menu items appeared at the bottom of the screen.

Tap “Manage Messages List”

Finally, select the messages that you want to mark as read, or tap the “Read All” button at the bottom left corner of the screen to mark all all messages as read.

Tap “Read All” to mark all messages read

Quickly preview a message and mark it as read

iOS 13 has another cool trick up its sleeves to let users take a sneak peek into a message without opening it and also mark it as read with a quick option.

To preview a message without opening it, tap and hold on a message from the main screen, and then select “Mark as read” from the preview screen options.

1. Tap and hold on a message
2. Select “Mark as Read”

That’s how you mark messages as read on iPhone running iOS 13 or above versions.