Whether you are on a re-arranging spree of your Home screen apps, or you are gunning for that minimal empty Home screen look on your iPhone, this iPhone hack will save you so much time and leave you in complete awe of all the secrets you have yet to uncover on iPhone.

Reorganization of our Home Screen often feels like a daunting task only because of the prospect of moving the apps one by one. But using this trick you can move as many as you want. Except folder – you cannot include folders in the bundle of the apps that you are moving.

Watch this video before you follow the instructions below

Tap and long-press an app on your iPhone, or if you are using iOS 14, you can also long-press any empty place on your Home screen. The apps would start to jiggle.

From the apps that you want to move, drag any one app. Keep holding the app you started to drag with one hand, and with the other, start tapping other apps that you want to move.

The apps you tap with your other hand will start to form a bundle with the previous help you were holding – the patient zero.

Tap all the apps you want to move to add them to the bundle. You’ll see that you cannot tap a folder to add it to the bundle but you can add individual apps from the folder. Just tap the folder, it’ll open and tap the apps in it to add them.

But if there’s only one folder you want to move, make the folder your patient zero, i.e., start with the folder. Drag and hold the folder with one hand and then tap other apps and they will be added to the bundle of apps to move.

Once you’ve added all the apps you want to move, drag the bundle to the page where you want the new apps to be just like we move an individual app and drop it. And voila! All the apps are now resting soundly in their new Home (screen).

A neat trick, isn’t it? Now go on and re-arrange your Home screen any way you want. There’s nothing to intimidate you into not cleaning up the mess of apps on your Home screen anymore. Happy organizing!