Collaboration and conferencing software like Google Meet enables us to hold video meetings and classes from home seamlessly. But when we’re all working from home, maintaining the harmony of the calls can be a difficult task. There are so many sources of embarrassing background noise at home. To save yourself the embarrassment, and to actually get work done, it becomes essential to mute your microphone.

To mute your microphone in Google Meet, access to the control bar at the bottom of the screen while in a meeting. If the bar is not visible, move your cursor or take it to the bottom of the screen.

On the controls bar, you will see three round icons. Click on the microphone icon, the first one, to mute the mic. When the mic is on mute, the icon will turn red and will have a diagonal line through it. Everyone in the meeting will also get a notification that you have muted your microphone.

When the mic in not mute, the icon will be white.

To unmute yourself, click on it again. The icon will turn white again and everyone in the meeting will be able to hear you again.

The mic is on mute currently.

You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + D to quickly mute and unmute yourself on Google Meet.

When attending a WFH meeting or online classes for school, it becomes essential to mute the microphone to save yourself from a lot of embarrassments like loud children, unruly pets, or your mother trying to give you fruit. Unnecessary noises can also make it really difficult for the presenter or the teacher to deliver seamlessly. So as a courtesy too, it is necessary to mute your mic.

Users should also check out the Google Meet Enhancement Suite Chrome extension. It offers the Push to Talk feature in Google Meet meetings that automatically mutes your microphone until you choose to unmute it.