Being able to pin apps to the taskbar has always been a boon for Windows users, and just like every other version of Windows, you can do so in Windows 11 as well.

While pinning apps to the taskbar is not at all rocket science, but a simple refresher course cannot hurt; since Windows 11 received a major design overhaul and due to that fact menus did receive their fair share of change.

Moreover, Windows 11 is also attracting the eyeballs of many of the long-time macOS users. Thus, in case you belong to that subset of Windows users; pinning apps could just be the thing unlocking that ease of convenience of the operating system for you.

Pin an App to Taskbar from Start Menu

Pinning an app to the taskbar is as plain sailing as it gets. In Windows 11, you can literally do so in a couple of clicks.

To pin an app, click to open the Start Menu present on the taskbar. Next, if you wish to pin an app to the taskbar that is already pinned to Start, locate and right-click on the desired app and choose the ‘Pin to taskbar’ option from the context menu.

Alternatively, to pin an app not present in the Start Menu, click on the ‘All apps’ button from the top right corner of the flyout.

Then, scroll to locate the app from the alphabetically ordered list and right-click on the desired app. Next, hover over the ‘More’ option and choose the ‘Pin to taskbar’ option. The app should appear on your taskbar instantaneously.

Pin an App to Taskbar from Desktop

Windows also allow you to directly pin an app to your taskbar straight from the desktop. The only caveat is you can only pin apps to the taskbar that already have a shortcut on the desktop.

Though a simple workaround to that limitation is creating a shortcut to your desired app on the desktop and then pinning it to the taskbar.

To do so, right-click on the shortcut of your desired app. Then, click on the ‘Show more options’ option. This will expand the context menu. Alternatively, you can also press the Shift+F10 shortcut on your keyboard.

From the extended context menu, locate and click on the ‘Pin to taskbar’ option; your selected app should appear on the taskbar instantaneously.

How to Unpin an App from Taskbar on Windows 11

Just like pinning an app, unpinning one is really undemanding in terms of effort from your side.

To unpin an app, right-click on the pinned app present on the taskbar. Then, from the context menu, click on the ‘Unping from taskbar’ option. This will unpin the selected app from the taskbar immediately.

And that’s about it, now you know how to pin or unpin your desired apps on the taskbar.