How to Quote or Reply to a Specific Message in Teams Chat

Easily reply to a specific message in chat on Microsoft Teams using ‘Quote Master’ app

Microsoft Teams Chat is loaded with all basic messaging features like text formatting, attachments, stickers etc. to chat with your co-workers. But, it doesn’t have a built-in option to quote and reply to a specific message in your chats. And that’s where the Quote Master app comes into play as it adds an option to quote and reply to a message in any of your chats on Microsoft Teams.

Install Quote Master App on Teams

To get started, open Microsoft Teams Desktop app or navigate to in your browser and login to your account. Then, click the ‘Apps’ icon located on the left of the Teams main screen.

In the ‘Search all’ textbox located on the left of the Apps screen, type ‘Quote Master’.

The ‘Quote Master’ app will immediately show next to the search bar as you type the app’s name. Click on it.

In the pop-up dialog of the Quote Master app, click the ‘Add’ button to install the app in your Microsoft Teams account.

How to Quote a Message in Teams Chat

After installing Quote Master app, you can easily quote and reply to a message in a private chat, In-meeting chat, or a teams chat in a channel.

While you are on a chat screen, go to the message that you want to quote and reply to. Then, click on the ‘three-dot’ icon that appears on the top right of the message.

From the menu options, move your mouse over to ‘More actions’ option and select ‘Quote’ from the expanded options.

While using Quote Master for the first time, you need to provide certain information like your name and email address to start a free trial of the service. After the trial period, you can still use Quote Master with some limitations.

After clicking Quote, the message you had selected earlier will be displayed in quotes. Below that, you can see a text box along with the message toolbar, to add a reply for that message.

While chatting with your team leader or other members in your team, often, there is a need to either reply to queries or ask clarifications on a specific message. To do that, you can make use of the Quote Master app to quickly quote and reply to a specific message in chat on Microsoft Teams.