People love Zoom for all the ways it has been making working remotely easier for them. It zoomed into people’s lives with astonishing speed, almost like the speedster with whom the app shares its name. Curious! And they say, “what’s in a name?”

Whether you are using it on the desktop app or your iOS device, it offers more features to its users than almost every other app out there. You can even record a Zoom meeting on your iPhone or iPad, almost as if you were using it on the desktop app. This gamut of choices users get is certainly one of the top reasons for its popularity.

Pre-requisites for Zoom recording on iPhone and iPad

Recording Zoom meetings on iPhone or iPad has a few constraints. You cannot record meetings locally. The only way to record a meeting on an iOS device is by recording it to the Zoom cloud.

Since cloud recording for Zoom is only available for licensed users, therein lies another constraint. The meeting host has to be a licensed user to record Zoom meetings from an iOS device. And only the meeting host or the co-hosts can record the meeting.

So if you are the meeting host and do not have a licensed account, neither you or anyone else in the meeting can record it from an iOS device. But if the meeting host has a licensed account and assigns you as the co-host, then you can record to the cloud using an iOS device even if you are a free user. And the meeting host being the licensed user can also record the meeting from their iPhone or iPad.

How to Record the Meeting from an iOS Device

Now that you know under which conditions you can record the meeting using an iOS device, let’s get onto how to do the actual recording. After you have started or joined a Zoom meeting from the Zoom meetings iOS app, tap on the ‘More’ icon with the three dots on the meeting toolbar.

A few options will appear on your screen. Tap on ‘Record to the Cloud’. The recording will start. The meeting recording will include the meeting video, audio, and the meeting chat that are accessible from the meeting host’s Zoom web portal.

To pause or stop the recording, you can tap on the small ‘Recording’ option on the upper left corner of your screen.

Tapping it will show the ‘Pause’ and ‘Stop’ buttons on your screen.

Or, you can also go to the ‘More’ menu again and pause or stop the recording from there.

After you stop the recording, it will take a few minutes for the recording to process after which you can access it from your [meeting host] Zoom web portal. The meeting host will also receive an email with the recording link.

Note: If you are the co-host of the meeting and initiated the recording, even then the recording is saved to the meeting host’s zoom cloud and can only be accessed from there even if you are a licensed user yourself.

It doesn’t matter whether you have access to a computer or not to use Zoom to its fullest. Zoom offers the most crucial features like recording a Zoom meeting even from your iPhone or iPad.