iPhone is like a well of hidden tips and tricks. Everyone knows the basic stuff. But it’s the hidden tips that truly unlock the potential of your iPhone and take you a step ahead of other iPhone users. We’re here with one such tip to make your life a little better.

We all use Safari to search for various things. But if you have ever tried to save multiple photos while searching for them in Safari, you know it’s no picnic. You have to individually save the photos. And the larger the number of photos you need to save, the more annoying the task gets. With this tip, you don’t need to go about saving these photos individually. In fact, it’s faster even if you need to save just one photo.

Note: We tried it on an iPhone with iOS 15 as well as an iPad with iPadOS 14, and the trick worked. But it didn’t work on any iPhones with iOS 14. So, you need iOS 15 on your iPhone to use this method. But you can use it with iPadOS 14.

In Safari, go to ‘Images’ after searching for the thing on Google.

From the grid of images, tap and hold one of the photos you want to save. Some options appear underneath the photo when you hold it. Ignore these.

Instead, drag the photo to anywhere on the screen, preferably a corner until it’s just a thumbnail hanging in the air.

Now, keep one finger holding that photo, and with another finger, tap one of the other photos you want to save. You’ll see that it’ll get added to the previous photo and the photos will form a bundle. A number at the top-right corner will also show the total photos in the bundle.

Now, keep tapping more photos you want to save, all the while keeping the first finger holding that first photo which is now a bundle of photos.

If you have tapped the photo to open it, this tip works then as well. You can select the rest of the photos from the ‘Related Images’ section or go back to the previous page and select the rest of the photos from there.

Once you’ve selected all the photos you want to save, go to your Home Screen by swiping up from the bottom of the screen or pressing the Home button. Then open the Photos app from your home screen.

On iPhones without a Home button, you can also swipe left from the bottom of the screen to go to the Photos app directly if you have it among your open apps.

Whichever way you decide to go, the important thing is to not lift the finger holding the bundle of photos. Use another finger or hand to open the Photos app.

Now, in the Photos app, drop the photos in the album you wish to add them. You can drop them anywhere: in the ‘Recents’ folder, some other album folder you have in your gallery, simply in the Library tab.

And, that’s it! That’s all it takes to save multiple photos from Safari to your iPhone photos. You can also use the trick to move multiple photos from one folder to another within the Photos app, and it works on iOS 14 as well.