How to Enable Cookies on iPhone

Cookies are good, whether we’re talking about eating them or enabling them for the browser!

Block Website

How to Block Websites on iPhone

Don’t want to visit a website? No problem! Block them all on Safari

Website Pop up

How to Disable Pop up Blocker on iPhone

Easily allow pop-ups on sites where you need them.

Web Browser Data

How to Import Data from Safari to Microsoft Edge on Mac

Import bookmarks and browsing history to Microsoft Edge from Safari by using either Edge import manager or manually import an HTML file.


How to Disable or Hide ‘Shared with You’ section on Safari Start Page on iPhone

De-clutter your Start Page in Safari by removing the links people share with you on iMessage.

Address Bar

How to Show Safari Search Bar at Top on iPhone running iOS 15

Annoyed by the new search/ address bar location in Safari running iOS 15? Here’s how to put it back to top.

Multiple images

How to Save Multiple Photos from a Webpage in Safari at One Go on your iPhone

The quickest way to save photos in bulk from a web page in Safari at one go.


How to Install Safari Extensions on iPhone

Learn how to install extensions for Safari on your iPhone and enjoy the flexibility of features along with the top-notch security and privacy of Safari.


How to Allow Pop-Ups on iPhone

Easily allow pop-ups on your iPhone when a site doesn’t work without them

Browser tabs

How to Use Tab Groups in Safari on iPhone and Mac

Always have a bazillion of tabs open? Learn how to create a Tab Group in Safari to manage tabs efficiently and declutter your research work.


How to Reset Safari to Default Settings on Mac and iPhone

Scratching your head to reset Safari to default settings? Don’t know where to begin? Well don’t worry, we have got your back!


How to View, Manage, or Remove a Safari Extension

Safari extension showing up in Launchpad? Cannot get the old extension file working? Well, we have all the answers for you!

Web privacy

How to Delete History on iPhone

You can delete the history on all browsers on your iPhone or switch to Private/Incognito mode which does not keep history at all.

Video Play Back Error

FIX: Error Code 224003 in Chrome, Edge, Safari, or Any Web Browser

Error code 224003 is faced when playing a video on the browser. It is a common error code and can…


How to Install and Enable Safari Extensions on Mac

Make the most out of Safari

Online Privacy

What is Privacy Report in Safari and How to Enable It

Apple is making the web more transparent for the average users with Privacy Report in Safari

Web Browser Password Security

How to Import Passwords and Settings from Chrome to Safari on a Mac

For a smooth transition between the two


How to Change or Set Background Image in Safari on macOS Big Sur

Choose a face for Safari on your Mac running macOS Big Sur

iPhone install website as app

How to Install or Save any Website as an App on iPhone using Safari

With literally millions of apps available on the App Store, you would expect that there’s an app for everything. But…